Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Martell Non Chill-filtered Cognac Breaks New Ground

For three centuries, the House of Martell has consistently pioneered new expressions of cognac but none as refreshing as its first Martell NCF (Non Chill- Filtered). Most cognacs are filtered below 0°C but Martell NCF is filtered at room temperature with the specific aim of preserving its full potential to unleash irresistibly smooth, expressive aromas when served with ice.

 “Tonight, Martell invites you to ‘Enjoy the Unsuspected’ at this secret location. We are taking this big step in reaching out to you with Martell Non Chill-Filtered with a different taste, look, and experience. More surprises are in store for you to Light up the Night! Light up the Taste! Light up the Party! Light Up yourself,” shared SĂ©bastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.      
The exclusive by-invitation launch party was kept under wraps, with guests only knowing where the meeting point was. With a welcome drink, they were transported to the secret venue, only to discover a fully transformed Yacht Club. The Martell NCF Dockyard Light Up Party showcased motion sensors in a light tunnel, glow-in-the-dark spray paint, copper mapping imagery and a convoy of Light-Up bikes.

Party-goers used the specially developed Martell Light Up app to officially light up the night and launch the Martell NCF. The night was filled with sensorial performances, completed with an adrenaline-fueled female DJ battle featuring DJ Pennie, DJ Nikki, DJ, DJ Bluwie, Cassie D (Indonesia), DJ Wie (Korea), DJ MissFlorie (Philippines) and DJ Sfefanya Morgan (Indo/US). Guests were also served seven different cocktails, each crafted to bring out the smooth cognac with fresh and fruity notes.
 The light-reflective metallic copper coating of the Martell NCF bottle glowed brightly throughout the night. Translucent at the top, it fades to full transparency at the base of the bottle to reveal the lush amber-gold of the cognac. The transparent label evokes the filtration process with a series of glossy white lines, which glow in the dark under UV lights.

Tasting Notes & Serving Ritual
Martell NCF is smooth with fresh and fruity notes. It can be served on its own, with a mixer (e.g. soda water) or a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice with ice. It offers a refreshing new option for men and women - an easy signature drink.
Two unique serving rituals have been developed to reflect the dynamic style of Martell NCF. The Martell Ice-Pool is a two-tier tray. When a tab is pulled, the Martell NCF shot glasses on the top drop into the mixer on ice in highball glasses at the bottom. The Martell Frappé ritual, meanwhile, focuses on a cutting-edge shaker which lights up when it is shaken.

The development of Martell NCF is a global breakthrough as it is the first time a cognac house is using the Non Chill-Filtered technique to create a cognac revolution.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hunt for the Ultimate Fan Returns

Here’s some good news for all football enthusiasts in Malaysia. Tiger FC is back yet again to reward 70 walking football encyclopaedias with Samsung 40” LED TV throughout this 2016/17 season. If you are known amongst your friends as a pundit of everything football and have a burning passion for the sport, then take up Tiger FC’s challenge and compete against other footie whizzes in Malaysia to win the coveted crown, Tiger FC’s Ultimate Fan.
This season’s Tiger FC showdown will begin on November 19 at selected outlets in Klang Valley, Penang and Malacca and will continue until the end of 2016/17 football season. Seventy units of Samsung 40” LED TV will be given out to main prize winners who make it through rounds of pop quiz during half-time and full-time of each activation. Tiger FC will be giving away five units of PUMA Pro Training Medium Bags as consolation prizes at every clubhouse event as well. Then as the football season concludes in May 2017, all 70 winners will gather for a final face-off where ONE will be crowned the Ultimate Fan and walk away with a trip for two to watch a football match LIVE.
“Moving into its 13th year of establishment, Tiger FC has proven to be a strong entity of Tiger Beer. We intend to create a connection between fans from all walks of life with unwavering passion for football who gather to celebrate the sport while having our brew, and of course, to eventually identify this season’s Ultimate Fan. So, come join us at any of our clubhouse activations to gather for the passion of the sport and to find out if you have what it takes to win the coveted title,” said Jessie Chuah, Tiger Beer marketing manager. 
To further reward its fans, Tiger FC has created a new program where fans can redeem attractive lifestyle merchandises such as watches, backpacks, speakers and many more this season. Simply download the Tiger FC application, register and scan the QR codes given to you upon purchasing Tiger Beer at selected Tiger FC clubhouses and voila, you can start collecting points and redeem your prizes as you go along.
For more information on Tiger FC and its clubhouses, visit Tiger Beer’s Facebook page today.