Friday, October 07, 2016

Timberland Reveals Asia's First "Workshop" Concept Store

Kuala Lumpur, 27th September 2016 - As the brand makes a global move to embrace the modern consumer landscape; showing a shift in focus towards providing lifestyle footwear and apparel to the “Outdoor Lifestyler” consumer. Timberland takes a cue from this season’s theme - “Heritage Reimagined” as it relaunched its store last Thursday in Mid Valley. The store features Asia’s first “workshop” integrated store concept which was designed to create a sensory and experiential journey of discovery, intricately crafted to inform, inspire, and engage Timberland fans.
"At the heart of our brand lies our classic yellow boot -- the inspiration for countless collections, and the muse for everything we do," explained Jim Davey, vice president of global brand marketing for Timberland. "We're putting a fresh spin on what has made us iconic and reimagining it for today, getting consumers ready whatever comes next on their Modern Trail - inside the city or out." The upgraded store now features a craft display area and a workbench where customers can gather around as they get their boots customised; customers may select preferred lace colours and even choose to have their initials sewn onto their shoes.
Additionally, another new interesting feature is the social hub where customers are encouraged to engage and interact with the store’s staff. Whom in turn, will be the ones to create the shopper’s journey around the store. Within, the social hub will also feature a social display where current and upcoming events will be communicated to the customer. The heart of the “workshop” however is “The Boot Room”, a semi-defined space that features the bulk of Timberland’s heritage - their footwear. Even showcasing a ‘shoelast’ chandelier hung directly above the ceiling, framing Timberland’s “The Icon” wall which tells the story of how the brand’s iconic yellow boot is crafted.

Launching the store in true Timberland fashion, media were taken by a ‘stomp’ flash mob performance where all the dancers were decked out in all Timberland gear. Once the store was unveiled, media were treated to a preview of Timberland’s latest collection - The Harvest Gold Collection. This collection honours its roots by reimagining its classic silhouettes with quietly expressed technology and newly refined styles. Incorporating varying shades of brown born
from the colour wheat – amber hues and glowing golds to rich caramels. This season puts emphasis on creating pieces that are durable, wearable and highly versatile for days and nights full of new adventures for our outdoor lifestylers.
Finally, to mark the occasion, Timberland collaborated with up and coming Malaysian Tattooist Dick Chua to create exclusive personalized designs on 3 iconic yellow Timberland boots which were given away as lucky draw prizes to the media. Making a special appearance at the event were also Timberland's Friends: Host and Announcer Jeremy Teo, Xandria Ooi and Qi Razali, celebrity violinist Dennis Lau, and composer extraordinaire Yuri Wong. Timberland Friends are influencers chosen based on their contributions in their respective fields.