Friday, July 08, 2016

Ippudo Malaysia Grand Menu Food Tasting - Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) Outlet

Continuation from the previous post, the next day, I went for the Ippudo BSC outlet for a completely different menu to savor what they have to offer.

Again like the previous night's menu, it consists of 5 appetizers, followed by the main ramen and then conclude with a dessert.

So let's jump right into what we had on this good evening at this very elegant place of dining.
The first starter was the Salmon Mango Salad:
As the name suggests, besides the main ingredient being salmon, the mango too takes on a dominant role in this dish. It's natural sweet flavors tends to stand out and permeates throughout this dish giving it an otherwise missing key feature. The salmon was there for the providence of meat while the other assortment of vegetables along with croutons on yuzu dressing became the necessary filler in order to make this into a complete salad.

Amaebi and Avacado came as the next starter for our very fine dinner for the night:
Sitting atop prettily those avocados, seaweeds were provided where you're supposed to grab one, make a nice cone shape out of it and scoop the sweet shrimp and avocado to dump it in there and eat the whole thing up. This is quite a refreshing taste for me and I quite like it. Dabbed with some wasabi sauce, it gives off a little kick towards the end and the gravy at the bottom propels it to a much more succulent taste.

Next came the Chicken Nanban:
Basically, this is just marinated deep fried chicken served with homemade tartar sauce. But it's excellent in it's flavors. Enough to get it at every bite instead of a dry and bland chicken. Generally, you don't need the tartar sauce at all because the chicken in itself tasted fairly good in each bite and should be considered eating on it's own.

It's time for some sushi and we were given the Salmon Sushi Moriawase:
How can I ever resist eating salmon sushi. That's my favorite type of sushi among all. We were given 3 types of different sushi and you guessed it, all comes from Salmon with one being the Salmon Roe Sushi. A salmon 3 way if you may. This Salmon Sushi Platter costs RM44 though.

Another foil dish like the previous day but this one is the Seafood Foil Yaki:
Just like the previous night's Salmon Foil Yaki, the sauce remains the same and so it looks the same as well but because the ingredient now is seafood, it changes the taste drastically. I find that this seafood pitted against this sauce is a much better mix and makes a much better tasting dish. I also like how they throw in the chili with loads of seed in it so be warned if you aren't able to take spicy. Do not accidentally partake of the chili with seeds because that's really hot. This serves at RM39.50.

With the starters all said and done, we moved on to the main ramen dish.
Though it may look like a dish of raw ingredients being portioned and ready to be cooked, I assure you that this is how it is served. You're supposed to mixed everything up to eat it. It serves with a bowl of soup at the side. The soup is to be had as itself with one Gyoza in it and not to be mixed together with the ramen dish. The pork that's served along with the ramen may be all too fat but I'm sure they'll fix it up the next time with some lean meat in em. All of the ingredient mixed together provide a much exciting taste with a lot going on when you eat it altogether. The price of the ramen (which is called Mazesoba) is RM28.

Finally came the dessert:
Some refreshing Watermelon Sherbet that's served with some strawberries, pineapple preserves and some cheesecake aptly washes down all the grime that was had earlier with the ramen. There's some chocolate chip sprinkled around on the watermelon sherbet which gives off some nice chew to the otherwise soft dessert. This costs RM19.

An overall wonderful experience thanks to the people of Ippudo for providing this tasting menu and I'm truly grateful I'm able to be a part of it.