Monday, May 23, 2016

Doraemon: Birth of Japan (2016) Movie Review

I'm sure most if not all would agree with me that a child's life is the most carefree period of them all.

And that is what Doraemon and this movie reminds me of, the carefreeness of life when you're a kid. As a child, I'm sure most of us had grown up to the cartoons of Doraemon along with it's comics and so if you wanna enjoy this movie fully, you gotta immerse yourself and embrace the youthfulness of the kid inside you instead of dwelling on too much on it's details.

Doraemon: Birth of Japan movie tells of the tale where it started off with Nobita again failing in his exam and being harshly scolded by his mother. Unable to take it anymore, he decided once more to run away from his house but due to the previous times, nobody believed that he will last very long. And so he pleaded with Doraemon to loan some of his future gadgets in order to live comfortably when running away from home. It didn't take long till he realized that all of Japan's land is owned by somebody and he just couldn't set up camp at anywhere at all. And so, he decided to head home.
Meanwhile, all his other friends, Giant, Suneo, Shizuka and even Doraemon himself faced some hardship in their household and that drove all of them over the edge to run away as well. After discovering the same fate as Nobita that there's not a scrounge of land left to inhabit in, they started complaining on how owning a piece of land needs to be on a first come first serve basis. That's when they got the idea to runaway and return back in time when Japan was uninhabited. And so, they decided to return 70,000 years ago back then and made the land their home with the help of modern gadgets provided by Doraemon to make cultivating the land easy. They were happy and were satisfied with their new home but when nightfall arrives and they were under the beautiful night sky filled with stars, they started to wonder about their home and started missing it. They then decided to head back home and wanted to just sneak out to this wonderful place they've built for just 3 hours of their future days or maybe just make it as if they never left. They all agreed and headed off home.

Meanwhile, from that prehistoric era, a boy by the name of Kukul was sucked out of his time and into the century where Nobita and friends lived by a disruptive space-time continuum disturbance. By the next day, Kukul started attacking Nobita and friends before being overpowered. Nobita and friends all returned with the boy back to the place that they had built and when Kukul came to, they soon learned that his tribe along with his family were taken captives as slaves by the Kurayami tribe under the orders of a powerful being called Gigazombie. Determined to help their new friend, Doraemon went under the guise as Dorazombie and freed the Hikari tribe from Gigazombie's henchmen. They transported the Hikari tribe to the prehistoric Japan where the Hikari tribe started rebuilding their civilization again. But pretty soon, Doraemon and friends were soon to find out that Gigazombie is a more powerful and formidable foe that even Doraemon can handle. Watch the movie for the battle between the two powerful beings!
Like I said before, the animation film is best to enjoy as a kid and leave all your worries and cares behind. Find the inner child in you and remember the carefree life you used to lead as a kid. Then you will find this movie to be pretty amazing. That is not to say that it has loads of flaws and is very illogical in it's reasoning. On the contrary, it's pretty impressive in not only in it's imagination department but also the sciences of things and the sheer impressive animation. It even makes a very good drama in tugging my heart strings and had me felt very much for the characters in there. But as a perfectionist, I always tend to be able to spot some flaws in most film's work and this too had me spotting some though very, very few in numbers. Though that may be the case for me, it still didn't deter me in fully immersing myself and enjoying this film to the maximum. I rate this movie 3.5 starts out of 5.