Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cashback Promotions at ShopBack

Back in November 2015, I planned for my recently embarked on trip to Langkawi.
Though it was merely a domestic trip and a very short one to boot, I still carefully gathered as much info as I possibly could about the small little place. I sift through tons and tons of information and get as much as I possibly can out of the many websites even though it's way too much information for me to handle and yet I planned as little as possible on the activities that I want to be involved in so that I don't have to hurry and rush myself in doing too many things. My main criteria was to merely try out the various food eateries around the place since that's the biggest of my interest now.

Pretty soon it got down to which place to stay at. I've always been fascinated by this place called Tubotel where it's a motel that uses those big cement tube to convert it as a bedroom. After doing tons of research on it and what I'm getting into, I'm fairly convince that I can handle staying there and stay there I did. The round tube cement room is supposed to be just for you to sleep in but man was the view out of the doors breathtaking.
The hotel room booking I did was through

After doing the booking, I discovered that I can actually get my cash back if I were to go through but it was already too late that time.
Anyway, during that time, I didn't even knew it existed in Malaysia since that time I only saw the Singapore counterpart. But now that I'm aware that there's the Malaysian equivalent of it, I'm so gonna use it to make my purchases there.

So how does this thing work?
The short version, the merchants located in will give a commission to them whenever you shop at those merchants website using as a referral. In turn, the commission generated from them will provide you some cash back and will be credited into your Shopback account. Once it reaches a certain threshold, you can cash it out to be banked into your preferred account.
The long version, first you sign up an account (you can do so here:

Then you start going to one of the many merchants that are partners with ShopBack to buy the item you want:
Click on it and understand the Terms & Conditions of the cash back and click on the "Shop Now" button to start shopping and get some cashback deals!
Once you click on the "Shop Now" button, you will be redirected to that particular merchant's website. Just shop as normal there and ShopBack will track it and offer the cash back as necessary within the stipulated timeframe.

When it's already credited into your account and am available for redemption, you can go your account information section, click on the Cashback Details section and go to the Redeemable section to request payout to your preferred choice of payout location! It's that simple! Please note that the minimum threshold for redeeming is RM10.
After a grace period, you should receive the money (or credit) into your account.

For more on how it works, have a look at this video:

So start your shopping needs by earning cashback and enjoying great deals.
You can also find great Lazada vouchers and it even has collaborations with Internet plans from Telekom Malaysia and Internet plans from Maxis