Monday, May 23, 2016

Doraemon: Birth of Japan (2016) Movie Review

I'm sure most if not all would agree with me that a child's life is the most carefree period of them all.

And that is what Doraemon and this movie reminds me of, the carefreeness of life when you're a kid. As a child, I'm sure most of us had grown up to the cartoons of Doraemon along with it's comics and so if you wanna enjoy this movie fully, you gotta immerse yourself and embrace the youthfulness of the kid inside you instead of dwelling on too much on it's details.

Doraemon: Birth of Japan movie tells of the tale where it started off with Nobita again failing in his exam and being harshly scolded by his mother. Unable to take it anymore, he decided once more to run away from his house but due to the previous times, nobody believed that he will last very long. And so he pleaded with Doraemon to loan some of his future gadgets in order to live comfortably when running away from home. It didn't take long till he realized that all of Japan's land is owned by somebody and he just couldn't set up camp at anywhere at all. And so, he decided to head home.
Meanwhile, all his other friends, Giant, Suneo, Shizuka and even Doraemon himself faced some hardship in their household and that drove all of them over the edge to run away as well. After discovering the same fate as Nobita that there's not a scrounge of land left to inhabit in, they started complaining on how owning a piece of land needs to be on a first come first serve basis. That's when they got the idea to runaway and return back in time when Japan was uninhabited. And so, they decided to return 70,000 years ago back then and made the land their home with the help of modern gadgets provided by Doraemon to make cultivating the land easy. They were happy and were satisfied with their new home but when nightfall arrives and they were under the beautiful night sky filled with stars, they started to wonder about their home and started missing it. They then decided to head back home and wanted to just sneak out to this wonderful place they've built for just 3 hours of their future days or maybe just make it as if they never left. They all agreed and headed off home.

Meanwhile, from that prehistoric era, a boy by the name of Kukul was sucked out of his time and into the century where Nobita and friends lived by a disruptive space-time continuum disturbance. By the next day, Kukul started attacking Nobita and friends before being overpowered. Nobita and friends all returned with the boy back to the place that they had built and when Kukul came to, they soon learned that his tribe along with his family were taken captives as slaves by the Kurayami tribe under the orders of a powerful being called Gigazombie. Determined to help their new friend, Doraemon went under the guise as Dorazombie and freed the Hikari tribe from Gigazombie's henchmen. They transported the Hikari tribe to the prehistoric Japan where the Hikari tribe started rebuilding their civilization again. But pretty soon, Doraemon and friends were soon to find out that Gigazombie is a more powerful and formidable foe that even Doraemon can handle. Watch the movie for the battle between the two powerful beings!
Like I said before, the animation film is best to enjoy as a kid and leave all your worries and cares behind. Find the inner child in you and remember the carefree life you used to lead as a kid. Then you will find this movie to be pretty amazing. That is not to say that it has loads of flaws and is very illogical in it's reasoning. On the contrary, it's pretty impressive in not only in it's imagination department but also the sciences of things and the sheer impressive animation. It even makes a very good drama in tugging my heart strings and had me felt very much for the characters in there. But as a perfectionist, I always tend to be able to spot some flaws in most film's work and this too had me spotting some though very, very few in numbers. Though that may be the case for me, it still didn't deter me in fully immersing myself and enjoying this film to the maximum. I rate this movie 3.5 starts out of 5.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Huckleberry After Dark, Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights

There's an established cafe cum bakery called the Huckleberry Food & Fare that's located at Damansara Heights but by nightfalls, the After Dark menu takes over and the lingers of the evening crowd surfaced for their nightlife activities.
Specifically, the easy to spot cafe that takes the corner spot at the rectangular area is located at Plaza Damansara where it comes to life once 5:30pm reaches. Granted, I had a look at the menu and it had enticingly integrated many alcoholic beverages in it which surprisingly surpasses the food items with it's occupancy. Since it was a Friday evening with no hassle of work in mind for the next day, we took upon ourselves to taste upon the many delectable unique drinks inclusive of the equally unique food dishes.

It didn't take long after settling ourselves down upon the veranda of the cafe having an al-fresco experience for the deluge of food to arrive and bombarding us with the euphoric joy of seeing a very well filled table. Here are some of the food and drinks that had crept into our hands for the merry enjoyment of the fun-filled evening:

It all first came with the light starters which inexplicably could very well be our meal by itself where there's this one called The House Guac:
Served in a boat like filled tray containing both light and dark colored tortilla chips, it very well complements the Guacamole that possess the ingredients of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, green chilies, jalapenos and some lime juice. But perhaps the most that you might taste from this guacamole would be the Avocado. Looking at the green color of the dip, it very well gives away it's most highest content ingredient.

There's also The Bird Waffle which consists of buttermilk-fried chicken thigh sticked together with waffles in between and served with some honey to pour on top.
A nice mouthful of poultry goodness with the right amount of batter on it to be fried and some waffle to go along with it. However, pouring the honey over it would produce a weird taste for me. It may be fine with just the waffle but honey with the fried chicken just didn't work out as well for me.

Some Minion Juice to wash down the parchness of the throat once we're done with the starters.
Though it somewhat contains the elements of alcohol particularly in the bananas, the coconut water and pandan syrup takes the lead in it's taste and the element of alcohol is nowhere to be found at all when drinking.

But perhaps this drink may be the most strong tasting in alcohol when it comes to all the drinks that we tried that night:
Equipped with four floating coffee beans this concoction is far from a coffee flavored cocktail but rather is known as the Charlie's Fix. Consisting of Rum & Maple.

Moving on to the next drink, we have this Spiked Milkshake called "Summertime":
Unlike a heat wave that you experience in the Summertime, this drink is actually refreshing and helps cool down the temperature when you're sipping it. Consists of Gin, Coconut Ice Cream, Fresh lime and Mint.

Moving on to some add on sides would be this K-Pop Frenzy:
Trying to imitate with it's counterpart Korean spiced Chicken wings, be forewarned that this is quite spicy being spread with Gochujang sauce. But it's delicious though the spice is a little higher than I can handle. LOL.

A burger as the mains:
Where this is called "Beast Mode". Served with a side of fries, it contains the unique combo of beef patty, pulled beef and duck bacon. This is my most favorite dish of the night. The beef taste is just right for me.

Moving on to more drinks comes the Canna Butter Kisses (PB & J):
The alcohol that's contain in this Milkshake that pairs with peanut butter would be vodka and frangelico. Unique and tasty.

This is called The Ultimate Slushie:
Nice presentation with the dried pineapple. Contains Fresh Lychee and Pineapple Juice. Detected some hints of vanilla too. Also a very refreshing drink though it may not be as refreshing as the "Summertime" above.

We also took upon the common lemonade drink:
Bear in mind though that their lemonade is house made fresh.

This Salted Caramel Milkshake comes with some Churros in it:
Unique again. Though the Churros may have been submerged in the milkshake, but upon taking out to bite at it, it still maintain it's crispy texture. Not too sweet despite many places who makes Churros way too sweet when it's sprinkled with sugar and served with it's respective sauce, but it's not the case in this place. Nice.

This place sells tacos too and it has 2 different types of tacos:

One contains fish that's been battered and fried while the other wraps around Beef Barbacoa. So choose your meat to go with the tacos. Personally, I think both is just as good but the edge goes to the beef probably due to the fact that I like eating beef more than fish.

And some gingery filled cocktail to keep us moving along called the Moscow Mule:
It really is very high in it's ginger taste. Not only does it contain ginger beer, but it has fresh ginger in it too which spices it up a lot for me.

Huckleberry After Dark's happy hour comes with some snacks whenever you order some alcoholic beverage like these Craft Beers:
It's served with some onion rings as is like the picture above. Be sure to eat those onion rings quick because being round the chilled beer bottles cools it considerable fast.

There's also a pitcher of punch being served to us:
This goes down easy as it's very sweet and you can't really feel the alcohol at all. Called the Pimm's Jug, it contains a lot of refreshing minty ingredients in it.

And finally, we ended it with this dessert:
Literally in a molten pot of chocolate pudding, The Mad Batter uses the butter biscuits as a conduit for you to scoop up the liquid form of chocolate fondant, marshmallows and crushed cookie crumbles. A sensational sweet dessert to end the night well.

Overall, a very fruitful and productive experience that we had encountered at Huckleberry After Dark (opens daily except Mondays from 5:30pm till late) that involves our very senses of taste overloaded with alcohol. LOL.

The full address is:
2G and 4G Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cashback Promotions at ShopBack

Back in November 2015, I planned for my recently embarked on trip to Langkawi.
Though it was merely a domestic trip and a very short one to boot, I still carefully gathered as much info as I possibly could about the small little place. I sift through tons and tons of information and get as much as I possibly can out of the many websites even though it's way too much information for me to handle and yet I planned as little as possible on the activities that I want to be involved in so that I don't have to hurry and rush myself in doing too many things. My main criteria was to merely try out the various food eateries around the place since that's the biggest of my interest now.

Pretty soon it got down to which place to stay at. I've always been fascinated by this place called Tubotel where it's a motel that uses those big cement tube to convert it as a bedroom. After doing tons of research on it and what I'm getting into, I'm fairly convince that I can handle staying there and stay there I did. The round tube cement room is supposed to be just for you to sleep in but man was the view out of the doors breathtaking.
The hotel room booking I did was through

After doing the booking, I discovered that I can actually get my cash back if I were to go through but it was already too late that time.
Anyway, during that time, I didn't even knew it existed in Malaysia since that time I only saw the Singapore counterpart. But now that I'm aware that there's the Malaysian equivalent of it, I'm so gonna use it to make my purchases there.

So how does this thing work?
The short version, the merchants located in will give a commission to them whenever you shop at those merchants website using as a referral. In turn, the commission generated from them will provide you some cash back and will be credited into your Shopback account. Once it reaches a certain threshold, you can cash it out to be banked into your preferred account.
The long version, first you sign up an account (you can do so here:

Then you start going to one of the many merchants that are partners with ShopBack to buy the item you want:
Click on it and understand the Terms & Conditions of the cash back and click on the "Shop Now" button to start shopping and get some cashback deals!
Once you click on the "Shop Now" button, you will be redirected to that particular merchant's website. Just shop as normal there and ShopBack will track it and offer the cash back as necessary within the stipulated timeframe.

When it's already credited into your account and am available for redemption, you can go your account information section, click on the Cashback Details section and go to the Redeemable section to request payout to your preferred choice of payout location! It's that simple! Please note that the minimum threshold for redeeming is RM10.
After a grace period, you should receive the money (or credit) into your account.

For more on how it works, have a look at this video:

So start your shopping needs by earning cashback and enjoying great deals.
You can also find great Lazada vouchers and it even has collaborations with Internet plans from Telekom Malaysia and Internet plans from Maxis