Sunday, December 07, 2014

Watami Malaysia Introduces Gozen Sets

For the first time ever, I stepped foot into a Watami outlet and it was the one where I never knew existed till invited - the 1 Utama Branch.
Nestled in the floor where I rarely venture, it's no wonder I had no idea of it's existence at my favorite mall.

The main purpose of my visitation on this occasion was to savor it's Gozen Sets but there were some other additional items that were consumed as well.

The name Watami comes from the name of it's founder, Watanabe Miki and takes up the kanji of (Wa) 和 which is "Harmony" and (Tami) 民 which is "people" and hence means "gather people to dine in harmony" as well.

Watami has a very wooden appeal and cozy setting, a very Japanese feel to it.

I started off with a Non-Alcoholic Mango Mojito to refresh me before my meal.
All I can say is it is very refreshing and tastes good so I'm guessing the alcoholic version will be just as tasty.

Before attending to our respective Gozen Sets, we had some items to whet our appetites beforehand starting with this item:
This is an appetizer called Bariuma Teba Karaage (RM9.90) which are Crispy Chicken Wing with Shichimi Curry Salt for seasoning. I simply adore the curry salt that goes with the chicken wing. It gives me a feeling of eating a nice piece of fried chicken with a twist. Although the sensation and taste may not be very new to me but it works wonderfully and is something that I would adore eating for a long time.

We next had some nice Pork Belly Skewers (RM4.90 for one):
The succulent and juicy Pork Belly Skewers that we had were not exactly the ones that is usually served. Instead of their usual style of skewers, this one was the salt version of preparation. You too can ask for it to be prepared this way. Just ask/tell it to the waiter when ordering these skewers.

Last thing before we hit the Gozen set. The Wafu Pizza (RM19.90):
Putting the Asian flavor to it's pizza. This is with Teriyaki Chicken and a glaze of Teriyaki Mayonnaise on it. It's okay to me but a little too floppy to me. I like my thin crusted pizza to be firmer on it's base so I can hold it well as well as taste it's crispy crust texture.

Next came the Gozen Sets, yay!

Seeing as to how hungry I was, I called out the first one to be mine. :P
It's the Okinawa Pork Stew & Salmon Sashimi Set (RM39):
The Pork Belly was delicious and I certainly did not regret my choice. However, I must warn that seeing that it is Pork Belly, I doubt anybody can consume a lot of it. But if it's just this you're having, 3 pieces of it shouldn't be a problem. For me, it certainly wasn't. The rest were your usual type of things, the Salmon Sashimi was okay, the miso soup was typical and so was the chawanmushi.

Next came the Deluxe Set of Wafu Toban Beef Steak & Salmon Sashimi Gozen Set (RM42):
Beef steak comes in slightly cooked form and safe to consume as it is but of course, most people would love your meat to be cooked a little more and that's were you can do so by self grilling on that hot piece of, erm, round thing on the meat plate.
If you're doing that, be sure to cook all first before it cools off, else you'll need to get the waiter to heat it up again. LOL. These grilled beef steaks are heavenly. It's peppery and nice to consume. Certainly a preferred choice of mine if you don't mind the price.

Here's one of the noodle set called Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen Gozen (RM39):
It's Shrimp & Pork Bone Soup Ramen & Dumpling Set. It's okay.
You can have a staring contest with the shrimp since it's eyes are there. LOL.

The Gyuniku Sukiyaki Nabe Gozen was next (RM39):
The meat + vegetables section will sit atop a stove and where there's already a little bit of soup in there to make it into a nabe. Of course, topping up the sukiyaki broth can be done. The egg that is given is suppose to act like a seasoning where after your item is cooked in the nabe pot, you take the item you wanna eat and dip it onto the raw egg for extra flavoring. If you're unable to accept raw egg, then, you can of course go the way where Chinese people love doing and that is to crack the egg into the nabe pot and mix the rice in as well. LOL.

Another noodle set and this is the Curry Udon & Fire Oyster Roll Sushi Gozen Set (RM39):
The curry soup where the Udon sits in is much spicier than normal Japanese Curry but still very mild to Malaysian taste. Cold Tofu as usual requires you to add in Shoyu for more taste.

The last Gozen set presented was the Roast Katsu & Irodori Sushi Gozen set (RM42):
Deep fried pork cutlet with sushi. The pork cutlet is a little dry for my taste. I guess that's where the sauce comes into play.

With the Gozen finished, dessert soon follows.
On the left is Crème Brûlée and on the right is Matcha Pudding both costs RM11.90 each.

The Watami 1 Utama Branch is located at:
Lot F355/356/357, 1st Floor, Rainforest,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Daily, 10am - 10pm