Saturday, December 27, 2014

To Great Years Ahead for Everybody

The end of the year is close at hand and for the coming New Year, I've decided to take a different direction towards blogging.

In fact, it had already started. I felt that it is time for me to move on from blogging at this events blog and go back to the original roots of why I started this blog which is an outlet to express myself and as my personal muse. The blogging world had changed tremendously from a simple online diary for me to a niche topic. Wordy posts would command boredom and pictures tells a thousand words. In other words, I'm retiring from this blog of mine.

I've pondered long and hard about this decision and during the last 2 months of me attending events, parties and food reviews, I find the element of joy and fun is missing and all that is filled with is the feeling of worn out, stress and regret. The inspiration to type out words after attending an event seemed like a mountain-like task than one that flows naturally through me with ease of completion. One after another, things seemed like a blur and I can't even remember much of what went on despite picture aids.

It was a good run and a great privilege to had experience all those wonderful times throughout the years. And so, as the holiday season commences and the new year looms in the horizon, I look towards the future to a new beginning and reflect back at all those great and memorable times that I had with a joyful heart and nostalgic eyes.

Here's my top 5 event experience that I most cherish and had the best times of my life:
1) 1st Carlsberg's "Where's the Party?" Event
As you can see from above, this photo is by Yeeing. I can still remember those fun and memorable moments like it was yesterday. I wasn't really there as a media but more of a winner. But be it media or winner, there's no difference. It's just one big party at one place.

During this period of time, I was very, very busy from work due to my mistake of joining the hospitality industry. With just a one man team, there's literally no rest for me due to receiving calls night after night on some IT related issues. My blogging was halted to minimal since I don't have much time to attend events and even those that I have planned to go, there's usually a last minute cancellation. When I received the invitation to go to Carlsberg's 1st ever "Where's the Party?", I thought to myself I needed a break bad and this is the perfect chance. I put my foot down and firmly told my boss that I'm not taking no for an answer in attending this event. She reluctantly allowed me to go and bear the brunt of my GM because it was on the same day of my company's annual dinner which is compulsory to attend.

Heading to a supposed secret destination (which was leaked out so bad that everyone knows we were going to Sepang Gold Coast), I initially started without a party mood. After arriving at the hotel destination and checking in to my room, I was very happy to have participated and being treated like a VIP. I went around with my friends to try out the games that they had set up throughout the venue and despite the heat wave, it didn't matter much to me because I'm in a place by the beach with some Carlsberg in hand.

When night falls, the rave starts and I partied on down to the tunes with free flow of Carlsberg. I guess what makes it so good would be the VIP treatment that I received, the amount of friends that I met there and new ones being made not to mention the beautiful picturesque beach and the worry free time when I was there. Oh yeah, there's unlimited booze as well.

2) My 1st Hennessy Artistry Event (2009)
Back then, I was still a very introvert and shy person but after taking the first step of going to Ruumz Most Wanted Rummates Finale Party, I decided to attend the Hennessy Artistry event. I felt that it was high time I break out of my shell and start having a good time even if it means going to parties by myself. Being a newbie at a party event, I was early on site. So early, that the doors haven't even opened but amazingly, there's already a queue waiting to enter.

During the 2009 Hennessy Artistry, it was held at the great location of Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, an excellent location for me. Unfortunately, after a rock concert that followed weeks after this event, no further concerts or events are to be held ever again at that location.

When I was indoors, it was as if I'm among friends. People started being really friendly to me, chatting with me. And drinks kept coming without even me needing to leave my seat. When I was leaving about 6 hours later, the party was still ongoing and everyone just seemed like they had a really, really good time. I too, had a really, really good time and it was from that point onwards that kept me going in attending parties even though there were times I went alone. That was where the starting point of how people associate me with liquor and where it all began the incredible journey of attending events.

3) 1st Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore
An all-expense paid trip to Singapore to attend the 1st Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards followed by a tour around Singapore the next day? How can that not be great? Despite my mom's worrisome nature (yes, I brought my mom along for the experience), I assured her to relax and that everything will be taken care of. The event itself was a glamorous occasion and the tour on the next day was an eye opener. 'Nuff said.

4) 1st Ever Arthur's Day
It was the first ever to be held and it was held worldwide. I brought in about 10 of my friends in to witness the occasion but as for me and another friend of mine, we went to the inner sanction of the mosh pit. The mosh pit which entrance goes in from underneath the stage to the middle of it was not as great as I thought would be but of course, you're much more closer to the artists even though there were many a times, you're just staring at their behinds since they went to the front of the stage to work the crowd. LOL. Still, it was a very memorable night for me. Besides, some of those few people who were in the "mosh pit" were actually celebrities which my friend recognized.

5) Heineken Green Space (2010) with the Breakfast Club
It was the first time ever that I went to an alcohol event around close to brunch time. Before this, drinking before noon is taboo for me but after this event, drinking before noon seems alright to me.

I simply adore the concept. Having the Breakfast Club in spreading out a sumptuous delicious buffet, it really got me excited seeing all those lovely food. And yes, it was a really, very good brunch I had even though it's buffet style. To ease myself into drinking alcohol before noon, they had Heineken smoothies being concocted and I just couldn't stay away from it.

All around the area were videos showing retro 80s movies and some games spread out for us to play. I had to admit being at an open air venue got a bit warm despite being shaded but I had those Heineken smoothies to cool me down.

To top it all off, they even gave out a really cool goodies bag where all the items were in a picnic basket. The picnic basket was so lovely that my mom forbade me to take it to an actual picnic with my friends once. LOL. This is one event that had certainly stuck in my mind throughout the years and many more to come.

So there you have it. My top 5 most memorable event experience.
I noticed that there are a lot of similarities in making my list.
1) It's an alcohol event with free flow of alcohol. LOL (Except the Nuffnang blog awards.)
2) It's always a 1st of something. I guess it totally caught me off guard and I'm surprised by it. Not expecting it to be that way which wowed me.
3) I'm treated like a VIP. It's as if I own the earth and I can do as I please where there will be minions to serve me. Gives out a great feeling.

With that, I leave with a sayonara. I may see you at future events but more likely as just an invited guest than as media. :P


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Hereby I would like to wish you all the best in future, I didn't attend Nuffnang blog award event before.

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