Friday, December 05, 2014

Kafe Vietnam, Bandar Puteri Puchong Food Review

Located in an area where I fear to frequent, Kafe Vietnam sits snugly in a comfy, quiet location occupying a corner lot which gives it a vast space.
I've heard a fair bit about it's coffee from a friend and am eager to try out it's authentic drip Vietnam coffee which is their own blend.

Immediately, after settling down a fair bit, me and another friend of mine started off with the coffee before everyone's arrival.
I opted with milk for the first glass but am a little surprise that the dripping process didn't take that long of a wait till I am able to drink it. I've tried authentic Vietnamese coffee in Malaysia before back during the time where I was affiliated to a hotel and there was a new street walkway with shops and restaurants opened up called the KL Citywalk. Anyway, their own blend of coffee is more aromatic and more cocoa-ish type of flavor to it than the one I tried back then.

Once the party of bloggers is completed, we started off with a salad called the Goi Ga.
Goi Ga is basically, shredded chicken, cabbage, onions & herbs salad. The price is RM11.90.

I think we had 2 other salads and this one is the Beef Salad:
It's priced at RM13.90 and is called Goi Bo Bop Thau in Vietnamese. The rice crackers were delicious and the beef was tender and not tough to eat. Quite like it.

One more salad that we had was the Jelly, Prawn and Pork Salad:
Called the Goi Rau Cau Tom Thit, it is also priced at RM13.90. Since I'm not a fan of prawns, I went and dig in to the other stuff like the jelly. I find the salad unique tasting with it's bits of sourish appeal to it that makes it savory and ready for more food.

Next, we were introduced to the Wrap & Roll. This is the Deluxe Mixed Platter (RM31.90):
It's recommended to be consumed by 4-6 people. Notice the spray bottles there. The spray bottles are filled with water where you're to spray the rice paper to wet it so that you can wrap the ingredients of your choice in the basket before dipping onto the sauce and consuming it. The selection of items available in the basket is skewered BBQ minced pork wrapped in Kadok leaves, chunky pork, sugar cane prawn cake and fried spring roll not forgetting the greens, noodles and the starfruits. This is something unique which I've never eaten before. Basically, you pick and choose whatever you fancy the most to wrap it up and dip in the sauce before eating it like popiah. Interesting and not a bad dish.

Vietnamese Pancake (RM15.90):
This Vietnamese Pancake looks to me like omelette. But nonetheless, taste okay where you take it to wrap the vegetables in it and then consume.

This is the Supreme Beef Clear Soup Koay Teow (RM16.90):
We all know that Vietnam is famous for their beef noodle soup and this is no exception. This taste phenomenal and I like it so much, I drank all the soup as well.

Hue Slice Beef, Ham with Thick Rice Noodles in Spicy Soup (RM14.90):
Ham was nice and juicy, slice beef as always great and the noodles tasted like wan tan mee. The spicy soup wasn't as spicy as I expected but nice in it's flavor.

Mild Spicy Beef and Carrot Stew with Egg Noodles (RM14.90):
The carrots in the mix adds a sweetness to it and balances the overall dish flavor very well.

Here is the Special Fried Rice with Oil Seared Chicken (RM13.90):
Fried rice is notable while the chicken has crispy skin. However, it's a bit too dry for my taste so I didn't eat as much as the others.

Rice with Stewed Pork Belly and Egg (RM13.90):
The pork belly is good but seems to be too little in quantity for me.

Rice with Black Pepper Basa Fish (RM14.90):
I'm not really keen in eating fish with bones in em, it just feels irritating but I really love the sauce. I can eat the sauce with the rice itself minus the fish. Really cleaned out the sauce by dumping the whole rice in it.

Fried Oyster:
Okay dish.

Lala Clam Meat with Sesame Seed Crackers:
I don't really like to eat lala but this is not pure lala and has mild taste to it. It does emit it's fishy smell but not really pungent and goes nicely with the crackers.

Fried Squid:
Can't really remember how it taste like so I can't comment on this. LOL.

Our grand finale, the hot pot.
It's with fermented bean curd, duck, yam, kangkung and choy sum all in for a sumptuous feast. Duck is always something I enjoy eating. Although the taste of the duck has been mostly absorbed by the soup, I still like eating the duck and I ate a lot of it till I became the last person to finish. This also possibly attributed to busy whatsapping people. LOL.

With that done, I then had a 2nd cup of coffee but this time it's the one with 30% civet cat coffee in it's blend instead of the usual 10%. It's more aromatic and less cocoa-ish taste and I prefer it more. FYI, the civet cat coffee that this place get is from the wild instead of those cruel farms so, no guilty conscience on my part.

Kafe Vietnam is located at:
1, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong