Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Heineken Sundown Party at CIMB Classic

Another successful collaboration by Heineken with CIMB Classic for the 2nd year in a row. Last year's champion, Ryan Moore, returns to defend his title once more.

As the 3rd day of the tournament draws to a close, the Heineken Sundown Party that was held on a Saturday, started to take place.
The location of the party was held at a strategic place where it offers a great panoramic view of the whole 14 greens at KLGCC.

The host for the evening was Julie Woon once more:
With DJ Nikki pumping up the beats and starting off everyone in a jovial mood for a casual party.

When the introductions were out of the way, it was time for the award-winning mixologist to do his thing by presenting to the guests specially-created Heineken-infused cocktails served only at the party.
Named Heineken Dark Arts, Heineken Mimosa and a Heineken Passion Sorbet, I can certainly taste the Heineken added to it when drinking and consuming these concoctions.
It certainly was enjoyable seeing it being brought together during the demo:
The mixologist preparing the sorbet with liquid nitrogen was certainly a sight to behold:
I certainly couldn't see much with all the smoke coming out. I wonder how is he gonna see when it's done? Guess he's the expert.
But the cocktails certainly brought me back to the time I tried a Heineken smoothie way back in 2010 at a Heineken Green Space event ( It is absolutely one of the most unforgettable and memorable experience for me and it was my first time ever to have something alcohol related in the morning.

Anyway, after that demo session, when I returned to the stage with DJ Nikki still spinning, the speed painting done by Angel Ng was already done.
The painting was purchased for RM5,000 by Paul Gibbons, Director of MST Golf:
Where the proceeds would be donated to Mobility Social Selangor, an NGO that is dedicated to improving access for the physically challenged, providing transportation to get them to medical services. The artwork was signed by all the pro-golfers at the CIMB Classic 2014 tournament courtesy of Todd Rhinehart, PGA Tour's Executive Director of the CIMB Classic.

The party cruised along further into the night with DJ Blink on the decks after a series of other performances.
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