Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bmon Cafe, Kota Damansara Food Review

"It's not a restaurant! It's a cafe!"
Located way up above on the first floor of a Kota Damansara shop outlet at the same area as The Strand Mall, the statement above stuck to my head where they're trying to pull away from the image of a restaurant and to have more of a cafe image in which people would come by and chill and drink rather than have a solid meal for the day.

Nevertheless, I did ate a lot of their food that they introduced to us and again, this does lean towards their image to more of a restaurant instead. LOL.

The interior design has some similarities to some cafes I have seen but seems to incorporate those ideas together, fuse it and bring some unique elements of their own to make it work.
While awaiting for the complete party, I was introduced to their Signature Drink, Bmon Plants (RM13):
The Bmon Plants is a unique coffee drink that resembles the outlook of a plant and that's where the buck stops on the resemblance. It's a drink that includes some nuts for crunch and it's coffee with whipped cream and some powder on top to make it look like a plant. This is by far the most delicious drink in the cafe and rightfully so should be the signature as oppose to the other drinks.

Then came a nice healthy salad to cure my hunger.
I believe this is the FruitMayo Salad (RM8.90). The balance in sweet, sour, salty was great and even though I am not a salad fan, I'm quite drawn to this intricate tasting set of fruits and greens.

About an hour since my arrival and the party is still incomplete with one more lost in transit. That was when I ordered my 2nd coffee.
Their Green Tea Latte which costs RM12 is really thick with green tea unlike other cafes. Other cafes usually you'll get the taste of green tea more towards the top portion and also some dust it onto the sides of the cup but this one is really a very thick taste of green tea. More so than a coffee drink. I find it a little too overpowering the coffee taste but it does taste good.

Here's the All Day Breakfast (RM15.90):
It's okay to me. But nothing out of the ordinary. It contains some greens with a cherry tomato, beef bacon, a sausage, slice of toast bread cut in half, eggs (in this one is scrambled), baked beans, mushrooms and hash brown.

Spaghetti Bolognese (RM11.90):
You can have it either with chicken meat or beef whichever you fancy more. During my tasting of this, I find it not according to my liking and was a little too bland. It needed more seasoning to it. Hope they would improve on this.

Chicken Carbonara (RM11.90):
I love Carbonara. This one is okay. Not great or fantastic but pass my taste test. At least it's not bland like the Bolognese.

Turkey Ham Sandwich (RM11.90):
I would say it's okay lah. I love the croissant. Fluffy, crispy and soft. Fries is also done perfectly. Nicely seasoned.

Chicken Sandwich (RM10.90):
At first glance, I thought it was tuna sandwich. But when tasting the meat, we knew we were mistaken. Just surprised on how the chicken was made this way.

Mushroom Wrap (RM9.90):
It's okay. Nice balanced flavor to it. When I took a bite, I can taste that the mushroom is the star of the wrap for this one. There's also Tuna Wrap and Chicken Wrap which is the same price.

Mushroom Pizza (RM11.90):
Yes, mushroom again but in a pizza, the mushroom taste isn't that apparent. Taste nice but I like the other pizza better.

Hawaiian Pizza (RM11.90):
The pineapple on it provides a tangy taste to it which is what I like about this pizza. That and along with it's thin crust. A bit too floppy though. Makes it a little difficult to just lift one slice to eat.

This is a very interestingly named dish called Hippo in the Pond:
You pour the sauce over it to enjoy this dish. It's with hard boiled egg, and I believe the brown thing is potato that is coated with breadcrumbs and with corns, vegs and stuff in it. There's one kind of taste in there that I don't like but I can't put my finger in it since I couldn't recognize what's that taste. Otherwise, it did taste okay.

We then moved on to dessert and gobbled up this Chocolate Mud Pie with Ice Cream (RM8):
For some reason, the vanilla ice cream looks really yellow and we were caught off guard thinking that it's an out of the ordinary flavor but it's vanilla. Desserts are good.

The best thing about the waffles are......the waffles itself! Nice crispy texture with a thick enough rise to it and airy enough.

Bmon Cafe is located at:
No 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu:   
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat:   
11:00 am - 11:00 pm
11:00 am - 9:00 pm