Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014

When I first heard of Kirin Ichiban's Glamping night, I didn't know what to expect. Is it gonna be an outdoor camping event with Kirin Ichiban beer? But the word glam is short for glamorous, right? So, glamorous camping? Is there such a thing? The two words combine sounds more of an oxymoron to me. In the invitation card, it says to dress glammed up. But glammed up means dress up to the nines, right? But doing so to go to a camping event and stuff? I was confused. So in the end, I decided to go with a casual attire which did great for my office work earlier anyway. LOL.
When I arrived at the event, I immediately found out what it's all about. No doubt, it may be camping themed but that's as close as camping can get from the event with the surrounding built to that overall theme. It was held at White Box which is an indoor hall and the night certainly was really glamorous indeed.

From start to finish, I just loved how they compose up the night and how they treat all of their guests making sure they enjoy the evening as I certainly did. There was never a moment of feeling out of place nor neglected during that evening and I certainly felt comfortable being at such an event even though attending on my own.

That picture above had me holding a checklist where you were to complete the list by participating in Japanese-themed activities spread out throughout the venue where most were in tents.

The first activity had me trying out was this decorate-your-own-lantern activity.
Watercolor were provided for you to decorate your lantern in anyway you want. Course, I suck at art and so mine was just a normal coloring type. LOL. Once you're done with the lantern, they would hang it up at the entrance area to enhance the overall atmosphere. XD

The next thing I tried out was the Kendama activity.
Kendama is this Japanese traditional toy where it has this holder that consists of a pointy stick at the end and two cups at the side with the third cup at the bottom and has a string tying a ball with a hole at the bottom. It's a game of balancing where you need to hook the ball to the cups and the spike without letting it fall off.
Ok, so that's not exactly the right way to do it but this guy just want to try doing it reversed. LOL.

Next came the fold your own chair activity.
Two cardboard boxes with the right places having catches on them so once you fold it, voilĂ  it's a makeshift chair!

DIY silkscreen art section where you're to brush the ink with a wooden slider to that the artwork will come out from the silkscreen and onto the goodie bag.
When that's done, it's chow down time with a bento set.
Okay, so I didn't take as much as I should the first time around but the bowl of soup that I took really is heavy and so I had to ditch it for a second and third round. XD

At the end of all the activities that you went through and you've completed your checklist, submit it at the submission booth for a chance to win a 'prize of a lifetime' which is a 5-day-3-night trip to Japan including an exclusive tour of Kirin Brewery and an experience at the annual Chichibu festival. Unfortunately, the winner wasn't me. :( LOL
It was Clione Sia that night who won.

In between, there were some great performances to keep the audience entertained.
Starting off with this Interactive Lights performance with Contemporary Japanese beats.
And then came on some Kabuki Dancers:
And finally, these ladies got the crowd hype and participate as well with clappers and shakers.
All in all. I find that it was a great event. Entertaining performances, great activities to participate in and some great beer to go along. Met some of my friends there and made some new ones as well which was great. :)

I may not have won the trip to Japan during that evening, but I still stand a chance to win one because from now till mid-November 2014, purchases of any Kirin Ichiban from on-trade establishments and off-trade stores like supermarkets will get you a scratch card. And from that scratch card, you stand to win that prize of a lifetime! I hope I get that prize. :P