Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More - 4th Live Tour Gig

A place that's close to my home plus some free beers so going to this event wasn't an issue at all. The only issue would be whether it will rain or not since it's held at a place where there won't be any shade. The place was none other than Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.
Foley's Oasis Sky Bar to be exact and it's my first time here during nightfall.

I must say that it is truly beautiful here in Oasis Square after sundown with the lights playing a major part beautifying the place up. And being just 2 levels up at the Foley's Oasis Sky Bar makes the elevated perspective even more beautiful and breathtaking.
But not on the uppermost deck where the sofas are though. Because it's at an inner elevated area, the only thing great is looking down to the stage and that's about it. In fact, I'd prefer to avoid that area because with the 2 sofa areas taking up a major part of the space up there, it doesn't leave much room to walk around so even though there aren't many people there, it's still quite cramp in my opinion.

So yeah, I avoided that area and stick close to the bar area where there's plenty of room plus an awesome view of Oasis Square down below.

Anyway, that night was the 4th Live Tour Gig for Guinness Amplify: Made of More.
It started off with the great rockish sounds of Tempered Mental.
Tempered Mental played my kind of music. I love their alternative rock style music kind of like the style of Garbage but of course the vocals weren't as clear and apparent as Garbage's lead singer.

Then came on Nick Davis:
Their style of music to me is like a fusion of classical together with rock since there was a violin and it's a little of dreamy, fade out style.

Last act of the night was Dash:
Well, the lead singer was eccentric with his red hair and energy.

On top of these three local acts that performed that night, they also unveiled that the Canadian band Magic! is set to play on the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale.
It will be held on Saturday, 18th October 2014 at KL Live.

Magic! is currently riding high in the charts worldwide with their smash-hit debut single 'Rude' and will be performing alongside our local acts OJ Law and Dash that night.

The admission tickets to Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale Show is NOT FOR SALE but you can get your hands on it by logging on to to find out on how you can earn a free ticket to the show. Once you've earned those tickets, it can be upgraded to a VIP pass where it entitles you to a Meet & Greet session with the artists, an exclusive Guinness Amplify t-shirt and more. Ticket holders can stand a chance to upgrade to a VIP pass by watching exclusive videos of the artists involved in the campaign on the Guinness Amplify website and by attending the weekly free-admission gigs on the Guinness Amplify Live Tour.