Sunday, October 05, 2014

Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest 2014

One rainy evening, I slipped away from office and nipped into the area where Saujana Hotel, Subang is located. This was none other then to indulge in the revelry of the Oktoberfest presented by Carlsberg. I walked through the rain, had myself soaked to get to the event venue.

Being there early, I was eager to start on the drinking with this limited edition Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest stein:
It's able to hold about 1 liter in capacity with the Oktoberfest icon embossed in it's design. Unfortunately, I could only afford 1 for that evening. But good thing is they gave me food to chow down early on. :D

As usual, although it's buffet, Carlsberg manages to provide a good meal. This time, I believe it's from Saujana Hotel.

It was nice to see some of the old gang present and though it's not our usual complete party as last time, at least we get to reunite again for awhile.

There were probably more than 500 people around gathered at the event to enjoy an evening of beer, Oom-pah musci, food, Dirndl clad beer promoters, basically to have a fun-filled evening.

After chowing down my dinner, the event kicked off with the keg tapping done by Managing Director Henrik Juel Andersen along with Peter J Hourigan, General Manager and Vice President of Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur and Kenneth Soh, General Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd.
After officially launching the event, they unveiled the 'Oktoberfest Bier Bike' which is the country's "First 6 Pedallist Beverage Cart" recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records.
The key partners of Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest campaign took the lead to ride that Malaysia's one-of-a-kind bike:
Then the media and public got their turn later on. If you're interested in riding this bike thing and am interested in getting the complimentary Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest stein, you can do so by telling the organizer on why you and your friends would want to be a part of the Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest party with the hashtag #CarlsbergMalaysiaOktoberfest. Post it on the Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest Facebook wall and provide 3 of your friends name.

Like last year, the Oom-pah music band all the way from Germany returns again.
And as customary, the chicken dance:
There's 2 party's left for Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest. One will be held at the Royal Selangor Golf Club where it's only for Member's and invited guests while the finale will be opened for public from 10th-12th October, 2014 which is a Friday-Sunday at 1 Utama, Old Wing Car Park, PJ, just like last year. All parties starts from 7pm onwards.