Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Weekend Evening at La Bodega During Spanish National Day 2014

Nothing much going on during that day and so I decided to hang out at La Bodega at Bangsar Shopping Centre where they were having the Spanish National Day celebration that evening.

Had a couple of beers, some food which includes paella and....other things. LOL.

I'm impress of how this man pours the wine scooped from a barrel.
He swings it up high and pours it accurately onto the wine glass.

That night was pretty much about that for me, drink, eat, chat with friend (ie. Duncan) say hi and greet a few people I knew who were there. And that's all.

There were some performances via singing and Flamenco dances
And some lucky draw that night too.
The prizes were mostly bottles of alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, I didn't win any. LOL

The whole gang of performers get together singing Spanish songs at the end of the night.
The night was a wet night too with the rain being on and off but also quite a hot one being on the outdoors. There were loads of people there filling up the place but few people whom I knew.

They had Sangria served at the event along with wine but I took few sips of it and decided it wasn't the concoction for me for this time and so I opted for some Somersby and Franziskaner.

I called it quits close to 11pm since my eyes were shutting and the alcohol that surges through me has a sleepy spell put on me. Well, ya. Short update from me here. LOL