Monday, September 22, 2014

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Movie Review

Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: English
Starring: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford
Story (may contain spoilers!):Just like the movie of the previous installment, it's time once again for the Annual Purge in America. The year is 2023. The Purge is an annual event in America sanctioned by the government to allow people to let out their inner beast and to go about killing and committing acts of violence or any sort of crime for a total of 12 hours. During this time, no emergency services will be available or come to anyone's aid. For those who's not participating in the event will lock down in their own homes.

The movie takes place at Los Angeles where Eva Sanchez is a waitress and a mother who tries to make ends meet. During the day of The Purge, hours before the event starts, Eva tried to negotiate with her boss for a raise but failed. She goes home to her sickly father and her daughter but the father was in a really foul mood and decides to lock himself in his room and demands not to be disturbed. Little did the family know, he actually planned to make himself a martyr, a person who agrees to be a slaughtering lamb in exchange for a really hefty sum of money. This is how the rich participate in The Purge.

Another focus on the movie also goes to a couple, Shane and Liz, where they argue over something. They bought supplies and goes to their car but were confronted by a gang who seemingly is awaiting for The Purge to start where they taunt them. Shane and Liz drove out of there puzzled as to what was that about but soon found out that their car was sabotaged as it stalls on the road later on. They quickly try to run and seek safety away from the gang before The Purge starts.

Eva and her daughter Cali soon discovered about the fate of their father after he had long gone left the house but Eva and Cali faced problems of her own when The Purge started as their pissed off neighbor barged into their place. However, before he could do anything to Eva and Cali, a well trained team of army with their high tech gadgets started to kidnap Eva and Cali.

Will they all survive? Watch the movie to find out.

I didn't watch the first installment of the movie but I love how the plot is. And so I highly anticipated to watch this show. The buildup of the story had me excited on the anarchy and mayhem that I'm about to witness but after watching the movie, I was severely disappointed. The hero of the show is just a weaker and more careless rip-off of The Punisher but that wasn't what let me down. It was when The Purge started, they showed just a few people either being hacked or gun down but other than that, it doesn't seem to have that much of activity going around. It just seemed like a normal, everyday crime scene that is usually portrayed in movies. And when there were blood splatters, the CGI was so fake that it looks so amateurishly done. When the movie was over, I thought to myself, "This is it? When do the real mayhem starts?" There were too few big action scenes in my opinion which I feel it's not enough.
However, I do like their heart-warming and heart-tugging moments which is something I thought that they did okay.

I was expecting a lot of action and suspense but ended up almost none. 2 stars out of 5.


foongpc said...

I didn't watch the first one and I don't think I plan to watch this one after your review haha! But this idea of The Purge seems interesting. Fantasizing what I will do during that 12 hours :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, I was fascinated by the idea too. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with it's execution. :(