Saturday, September 06, 2014

Life Cafe, Cheras Food Review

I don't often go out of my comfort zone to eat but on occasions, I just felt like doing spontaneous and this were one of those times. Okay, so it wasn't that spontaneous since it is a planned food review but still it's one that I made the effort to step out of familiar territory.

Life cafe is located at a very busy place where it's opposite Cheras Leisure Mall.
The signboard were made of wood and it blended so well with the wall and also the words on the sign were not that visible hence, I passed by the place without realizing I've overshot it.

The interior of the cafe, I guess they try to do a nature feel to it.
Life cafe may give me a first impression of unappealing food but when I started to savor it, I find that it's not bad in terms of taste.

We started off with some drinks and that's where I ordered the Sago Mint Green Tea (RM5.50):
Well, I didn't get the green tea taste because the mint overpowered it but it doesn't matter. It's a tasty drink and it's between refreshing and relaxing.

We then started off with some soup.
In total, there are 8 type of soups, 1 in the Vegetarian section.

There's the Ginseng Chicken Soup and Red Dates (RM9.50):
Improves circulation and has anti-cancer properties.

Ten Treasures Chicken Herbal Soup (RM12.50):
Nourishes skin and strengthens vitality.

Traditional Chicken Soup with Lotus Roots (RM9.50):
Improves digestion and is a rich source of protein.

Chicken Soup with Goya Melon and Pineapple (RM9.50):
Among all the soups, I like this the best. It provided quite a unique taste to it.
It's benefits includes lowering blood sugar level and contains anti-aging properties.

This is the Stew Mutton with Medlar Herbs (RM9.90):
Nourishes spleen and kidney, prevents anemia, promotes healthy skin and is a good source of high quality protein. Very strong mutton taste so those who do not like that kind of taste would be better off refraining from tasting it. As for me, I like it.

I believe this is the Eight Treasure Chicken Soup (RM9.90):
Okay, so I didn't manage to scoop the other herbs up but it still has that taste in the soup. Improves appetite, blood circulation and has anti-oxidant agents.

I think this is the Black Bean Chicken Soup (RM9.90):
Helps lower the risk of heart disease and improves digestive system.

This, if I'm not mistaken would be the Vegetarian soup - Mushroom Peanut Soup (RM9.50):
Full of ingredients in it to make a delicious soup.

We later moved on to the appetizers.

Poached Chicken Dumplings (RM7.50):
You have the option of having leeks in the dumplings as well which is the same price. The dumplings were okay. I prefer eating them without dipping it into the sauce.

Fried Chicken Dumplings (RM7.50):
Just like the poached version, you can have leeks in the dumpling as well for the same price. Basically, it taste the same as the poached version just that the skin has a crispier texture and I feel the fried version goes better with the vinegar provided.

Traditional Homemade Meat Roll (RM7.50):
Like the chicken dumplings, I find this okay and quite pleasant to the palate. But unlike the chicken dumplings, I like this dipped with the sauce. It just tasted better with it.

Life's Spicy Wonton (RM8.90):
My favorite dish of all in this place. The addition of some ingredients on top enhances the flavor of the overall dish. The spicy level was just perfect to me. It won't hit you till you've tasted the wonton and only later on you will feel the heat.

Thick Toast:
They have a few variety of Thick Toast here with  Butter Toast (RM3) the plainest of all and the Life's Curry Chicken Toast (RM9.90) being the most expensive of all combining with a bowl of Curry Chicken with the Thick Toast. But the rest of the Thick Toast is priced at RM3.90 with the common one being Peanut Butter and Butter Kaya while the more uncommon flavor includes Black Sesame:
Seaweed Butter Toast and Honey Butter Toast.

For the Main Dishes, we had a variety of Vermicelli and Rice.

This is the Fish Fillet with Mushroom Sauce Shanghai Vermicelli (RM14.90):
Generally, it boils down to which meat you love the most to go with your Vermicelli or rice.
There's Curry Chicken (RM14.50):
Curry Lamb (RM14.50), Stew Beef (RM14.50), Pineapple Chicken (RM14.50), Lamb Special (RM14.50), Chicken Chop with Life's Sauce (RM15.90).

The Vermicelli on it's own is quite tasty while I find the rice a bit too coarse and dry.

And finally, heading down to dessert, we tried some Peanut Cookies (RM3.90):
Some Gui Ling Gao (Herbal Jelly) (RM5.90):
and BBQ Honey Sweet Potato (RM5.50):
Well, desserts to me were mediocre hence I would suggest to stick to their food and drinks which are not bad at all.

The Life Cafe that I visited is located at:
Life Cafe , No. 55, Jalan Manis 4 , Taman Segar (Opposite Leisure Mall) 56000 KL, Malaysia

Open daily from 11.30am-11.30pm (last order is 11pm).


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