Friday, September 26, 2014

Eat, Drink and Win Contest by Domino's Pizza in Collaboration with Mountain Dew

During the duration of August 4 to August 22 this year, Domino's Pizza Malaysia had held a Facebook poll in collaboration with Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd (the company that manufactures and distributes Mountain Dew in Malaysia), allowing the public to vote and choose their dew. It was a battle between the color Red and Blue and in the end, the result had determined that blue was the winner and hence came the appearance of the Mountain Dew Blue Shock drink.
It's a unique, bold flavor which is raspberry citrus and the 1.5L bottle is only available at Domino's Pizza Malaysia at the current moment. This new flavor joins the ranks of the ever popular original Mountain Dew variant, Pitch Black (Citrus Grape) and Live Wire (Zesty Orange).

So with the new addition of this new flavor, together with Domino's Pizza Malaysia, comes a campaign that spawns the Eat, Drink and Win Contest. In this contest, participants will stand a chance to win a brand new Honda Jazz 1.5L S.
All you have to do in order to participate is simply calculate the number of 1.5L bottles of Mountain Dew Blue Shock that will fit into the sporty blue automobile and also complete it with a creative slogan.

Entry forms for the exciting contest are available with a minimum purchase of RM5.80 which is the a-la-carte price for the 1.5L bottle of Mountain Dew Blue Shock. A purchase of RM30 or above entitles you to 2 entries while a purchase of above RM70 will entitle you with 3 entries. Ordering online will double your entries.
During this promotion, consumers can enjoy the Blue Shock Combos where each comes with add-ons of Crazy Chicken Crunchies, Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, Garlic French Loaf and of course, a 1.5L bottle of Mountain Dew Blue Shock.
Blue Shock Combo Set 1 comes with 1 regular pizza for RM35, a savings of RM23.
Blue Shock Combo Set 2 comes with 2 regular pizzas for RM50, a savings of RM32.80.
Blue shock Combo Set 3 comes with 2 large pizzas for RM70, a savings of RM32.80.

During the campaign official launch to bloggers at Domino's Pizza, Subang Perdana, Senior Manager, Marketing of Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore, Linda Hassan brief us on the mechanics of the contest as well as to answer any queries that we might have.
She also echoes the words of Shamsul Amree, General Manager of Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore at the official launch,"Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has always been committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of service, not merely in terms of being the world’s pizza delivery experts, but also in offering quality meals for great value. We are truly excited about this partnership that brings two global brands together to offer the all-new Mountain Dew Blue Shock to our customers. Domino’s is delighted to be the first Quick Service Restaurant to introduce Blue Shock to the Malaysian public and to reward our customers’ loyalty with the Honda Jazz Grand Prize.

The launch to bloggers which include these four:
saw a setting in a more relaxed and laidback atmosphere among friends which ended in a feast.

By the way, I never knew Domino's Pizza has Chocolate Lava Cake:
The taste is not bad too! Pleasantly surprised.

Selected outstation Domino’s dine-in stores also offer unique ambiance and the great value of three Blue Shock Eat-in Combos, making them perfectly suited for customers who choose to dine-in. For more info on the "Eat, Drink and Win" contest, head on over to