Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AM PM Cafe, USJ 21, Subang Jaya, Food Review

When I first arrived at AM PM Cafe, my first impression is that it looks unfinished.
But after hearing that it was their first day opening that I stepped into it and part of the place are left to had an unfinished feel to it for aesthetic reasons, it made sense to me and was looking towards the food more.

It seems rather cozy but lacking in space at the ground floor. However, there will be 2 more floors upstairs but at the moment of my visit, it wasn't finished yet. A sneak preview had me loving the relaxing and chilling atmosphere and there's ample of space upstairs.

So then, we got right down to the eating business with the start of this unique drink that's available here.

The Hot Belgian Chocolate:
The Belgian Chocolate is on a stick, wrapped up served with a hot cup of milk.
So you're suppose to unwrap the chocolate and stir it into the milk while it's hot.
Just stir it up till the whole thing is dissolved or if you prefer to make it less chocolatey in the beginning, then don't let it dissolve all the way. :D
It taste exactly like you're eating a chocolate bar. The milk just made it a more smoother and richer chocolate taste and it was wonderful especially for chocolate lovers.

I've once griped a lot on having a hard time finding great western breakfast in Klang Valley which offers at a good price and AM PM Cafe's Big Breakfast is exactly the answer I looked for:
The Big Breakfast they offer starts off at the price of RM19.90 containing eggs of your choice, be it poached, scrambled, fried, sunny side up or over easy (in our case it was poached), citrus beef bacon, roasted wild mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spiced chicken sausage, baked tomatoes and refried beans and toast where you are allowed to add-on more where the cost is dependent on the ingredient you want added. It contains quite a unique set of flavors in it's Big Breakfast that you don't normally find it in a usual western breakfast. The citrus beef bacon does proof appetizing in it's own out-of-the-ordinary taste and the sweet potatoes were a nice welcome addition on this breakfast platter. But hands down my heart goes out to the spiced chicken sausage where it's savory taste captures my palate and holds it captive. I just wanted more and more of it. It provides quite a powerful spicy twist but does not drown off from you recognizing that you're eating chicken sausage. All in all, I have to say a very, very good dish.

The Eggs Benedict seemed like the lesser version of the Big Breakfast:
For the price of RM18, you get two poached eggs served atop onion scones where above of the eggs, you have a choice of either citrus bacon, smoked salmon (as in the picture up), or grilled turkey bacon splashed with hollandaise sauce. It's nice to eat but not as good as the Big Breakfast.

This here is the Catalan Baked Omelette:
Served in a hot pot, the baked omelette has turkey bacon, capsicum, tomato concasse and cheddar cheese in it. Nice cheese flavor to it for me. Priced at RM20.

French Toast (RM16):
Brioche dipped in eggs and griddled. It has fresh bananas and chocolate cream in it with butterscotch sauce. A nice combination and is definitely a good dish.

Warm Raisins Scones:
These aren't the crusty scones you normally see but rather a more cakey and fluffy type. It is served with strawberries, bananas and chocolate cream for RM14. Okay taste to me.

Next is the Breakfast Wrap:
It's basically like a breakfast all wrapped in tortilla. Contains the same spicy chicken sausage that's in the Big Breakfast, roasted tomatoes, refried beans on the outside and scrambled eggs and cheese in the wrap. Tastes okay for RM17.

This here is the Bombay Toast (RM16):
It's essentially something like the French toast, egg toast coated with cinnamon and brown sugar served with strawberries and syrup. A sweet breakfast dish and taste okay.

Pancakes (RM17):
Homemade and served with caramelized bananas and gula melaka. I like the taste of the banana, the pancakes were okay. I find it heavier than other pancakes I've known.

Sweet Potato Cake:
I like this. I find that the sweet potato taste exactly the same as the one that was served with the Big Breakfast but this is complemented with some sweet frosting on top and some sponge cake between. My friends find it tasting like wedding cake and filling.

The Oreo Mud Pie:
A very very sweet dessert. Too sweet for my liking. I feel it taste more like a chocolate mud pie than an Oreo Mud Pie since I couldn't detect the Oreo taste in my mouth.

Snickers Cake:
It is what it is, Snickers. With some nuts for extra crunch in em.

AM PM cafe is located near Main Place in USJ 21.
The address is:
11A, Jalan USJ 21/5, USJ 21, 47630, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours:
Daily: 11am-11pm