Monday, August 18, 2014

MTV World Stage 2014 featuring B.O.B, Yuna, Boys Republic & Thaitanium

Haven't been to MTV World Stage last year but this year around, I thought what the heck and went for it. It was raining the whole day long and I was glued to my bed till I woke up at 5pm (seriously!). And that's when I headed to the MTV World Stage.
This year around, the show's line up features B.O.B, Yuna, Boys Republic & Thaitanium.

After the crowd were riled up with some entertainment while awaiting to enter, the event finally started and got on the way with Thaitanium starting the show.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Lucas Lau
The five sons of Siam, Khan, Way, Day, Big Calo and Tony B rocked the night and set the mood. They performed songs like "Do What I Say", "Bong Tong" and "Sukebe".

Then along came Boys Republic onto the scene.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling
They came on with the song "You Are Special" and started off their debut at MTV World Stage with a bang. K-Pop fans were charmed as the boys interacted with the fans and expressed their love in returning to Malaysia. They were here end of last year in Malaysia promoting their mini album, "Identity" back then. Also, they performed a remix of "Video Game" where fans were invited to post 15-second mobile phone clips on Instagram to #worldstagemyfancam. The lucky fan who won Boys Republic's "Girlfriend" contest was introduced during "Dress Up" where the winner curated towards a new Korean look by the K-Pop group's stylist, proudly strutting on-stage as the boys serenaded her.

Yuna came on next by singing "Falling" against a backdrop of waterfall pyrotechnics.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling
Her songs performed included a mixture of Malay and English songs. "Mountains", "Lelaki" and "Dan Sebenarnya" were among them. She also performed her famous rendition of "Rescue" with her ukulele and wrapped it up with "Come Back".

When B.O.B. came on, the crowd roared to the spectacular display of lights.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Aloysius Lim
B.O.B. had the crowd energy level high with tracks like "Don't Let Me Fall", "Ready ft Future" and "So Good". At the start of feel good song “Magic”, B.o.B headed over to his fans and exchanged high fives with them, showing his down-to-earth side. A master at thrilling his fans, B.o.B took live performances to the next level as he cheekily stole a phone from the audience to snap a selfie. Audience produced a beautiful scene by waving their mobile phones to a soulful performance of "Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift". B.O.B. also performed the hit song "Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore" and dedicated it to those who had lost their loved ones in the recent tragedies. He crowd surfed as he was delivering his finale "Still In This" where it ended with streamers and over 1,000 multi-colored LED balloons.

Over the last 3 days, MTV World Stage Malaysia garnered nearly 26,000 Instagram posts, and since MTV first announced MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 through an unlock social campaign, over 132 million potential social impressions were also garnered on Twitter in over 11 weeks. On Saturday night, MTV World Stage Malaysia was among the top ten trends on Twitter in Malaysia.


Kenji said...

I wish i was there, great show!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It sure was :)

foongpc said...

I think I'd rather stay in bed hahaha!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. That's what pandas do. XD