Sunday, July 20, 2014

D'Football Festival at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama

So the World Cup 2014 finals had come and gone and the showdown was between Argentina and Germany with the Germans edging a 1-0 victory over Argentina on Extra Time. Where did you witness the World Cup?

As for me, I headed off to the D'Football Festival that's held at 1 Utama's Central Park Avenue.
Over there, Hunny Madu was on the stage as the MC.
The party was a whopping 12 hour festival which started off from 6pm where there were loads of performances and DJs to keep the crowd entertained till the World Cup finals match goes live. The performances include Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law and Australian band Van She while some DJs that kept the party atmosphere comprise of DJ Patricia K, Indiego & Co and Nick Haydez as well.

In Malaysia, the match starts at 3am so that's pretty late. I didn't go over there at the earlier hours but I headed on there when after midnight.

During that time, DJ Nick Haydez was on the decks right before the performance of Brazilian samba dancers came on.
Aside from the performances and music, there's loads of games that people can occupy themselves with like this Robokeeper penalty shootout game:
And this test your accuracy by shooting the balls through the holes called Target Football or something like that:
A test your kicking strength radar speed cage:
And this cross between bowling and football called, "Bowling Football":
Where you kick a football to try to knock all the pins down with it.

Also, everyone tries to win this Mini Cooper Countryman by participating in the "Guess the Balls" contest:
By guessing the correct amount of balls that's contained inside the Mini Cooper.

It certainly was a big festival with football fans thronging to the place leaving them more to look forward to at the next World Cup in the year 2018.


Happy walker said...

aiks, i didn't manage to go for the football festival that day..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, it was teeming with people and enthusiasm.