Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The New Men's Biore Double Scrub Acne Solution Facial Foam

It's been quite a long time ever since I was acquainted with Men's Biore. I remembered it was probably during my high school days where my mom brought me that to use. It was the first time I ever heard of facial scrub or wash for men. All the while, I use facial wash because my mom kept shoving these products for me to use and I can't avoid using those things since that tube was just for me while she had her own preference at the upstairs bathroom. I always thought that it was sissy of me to use facial wash unless you're a guy who has acne or skin problem till Men's Biore came out. "Now men has facial products too?!?!?" I thought to myself. I can still remember that it's harsher than normal facial wash (because it's a facial scrub) but it's refreshing for sure.

Fast forward to the present, Men's Biore now has a plethora of products that they had manufactured, from pore packs, facial wash, facial scrubs and so on.

Recently, they've introduced the all new Double Scrub Acne Solution Facial Foam specially formulated to combat acne, oily and dull skin. It works effectively to deeply cleanse skin from oil and dirt that clog up pores, causing acne breakouts.
It also contains natural Tea Tree Extracts, an anti-bacterial agent that controls the growth of acne. It's innovative formula also uses Japan's Advanced Scrub Technology with Micro-crushable Scrub. During the foamy facial wash, the beads break down into miniscule particles to work it's way deep into pores to gently purify skin from acne causing impurities like excessive oil, dirt and dead skin. The crushable Red Scrub Beads function to remove excessive oil and help exfoliate acne marks while the White Scrub Beads deeply cleanse the pores to revitalize skin.
Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Malaysia's Moto3 World Motorcycle Grand Prix racer, who is also the brand ambassador of Men's Biore has this to say,"Our battle with acne is a never-ending one! Therefore, the Acne Solution is a valuable and essential addition to the Double Scrub range. It complements the range perfectly, acknowledging acne prone skin as a common problem among men.
"Being a racer, there is no way of preserving clean skin throughout the day especially during race days. The Double Scrub Acne Solution ensures that when I do get cleaned up after a long day, I am ridding myself of all kinds of impurities that could cause acne breakouts."
The new Men's Biore Double Scrub Acne Solution Facial Foam retails at RM7.50 (50g) and RM13.90 (100g) and is available at major retailers, pharmacy, hypermarkets and provision shops. For more info on Men's Biore products, visit


Sherry said...

not bad, perhaps my dear can try.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I can use facial products without feeling a sissy. XD