Thursday, June 26, 2014

Senjyu (千寿), Bangsar Village II Food Review

It's been a long time ever since I visited Senjyu.
The name Senjyu has always been a familiar one to me ever since they opened up at e@Curve. During that period, I rarely visit Japanese restaurants anymore. This was because ever since I came back from Japan, I find that most Japanese restaurants don't live up to my expectation but at recent times, things seem to look brighter.

Senjyu though, had me frequenting back to their outlet again whenever I was there at e@Curve for a movie screening. This was all due to their Sashimi. To me, I find that their Sashimi was one of the freshest and the best. Over a period of time, my visit to Senjyu started on the decline more and more as I somehow find that their standard seemed to have dropped just before renovation and after. But now, they had opened up a branch at Bangsar Village II. I headed over last week for a food review to see how they fare now.

First item tasted was the Hana Moriawase:
It's an exquisite assortment of luscious raw tuna, salmon, surf clam, octopus and butterfish. As soon as I took a bite of the salmon, I was immediately brought back to the taste I so remembered that drives me back to visit Senjyu again and again. That fresh and tasty feel that I so longed for which I find it lacking at other Japanese restaurants. The other items taste just as good which makes this a great tasty dish that I grew to love. It's priced at RM47.99.

Oyster Sashimi was up next:
In order to enjoy this succulent briny air-flown live oysters, it's best to take the lemon and drizzle it on top and add a splash of the soy sauce provided. Very nice in my books even though 1 piece costs RM17.99. A half dozen (ie. 6 pieces) costs RM87.99

Yasai Maki:
Basically, it's a veggie dish. Well, I'm not really a veggie lover but the beancurd that is inside provided a much better taste to me and hence making it a little better. Priced at RM17.99

Butterfly Maki:
Premium river eel slices wrapped around tempura crabstick sushi roll with sweet teriyaki sauce. This is priced at RM59.99.

Soft Shell Kani (Crab) and Unagi Mentai Maki:
The bottom 3 are the soft shell crab and the top 3 are premium river eels. It's with creamy codfish roe sauce. Elegant and nicely presented, just like the Butterfly Maki dish. Costs RM29.99

Kaki Roll:
It's oyster and assorted mushrooms wrapped in an egg omelette. It has a unique taste where you get to taste all of the ingredients but none overpowers the other. It's just like a symphony where it takes turns in being the lead. Priced at RM22.99.

Kaisen Ninniky Chahan:
Fried rice with a variety of seafood. A little too dry for my taste but I have to say that it's fragrant and have quite a lot of seafood in it. RM15.99

And finally, we moved to dessert which is called Shiratama Zenzai:

It's Japanese rice cakes with black sesame filling in a hot red bean soup. The rice cake provides a nice chew to go along with the red beans. When the black sesame interacts with the red bean soup, it somehow blends into a fine concoction without losing much of it's own individuality. Priced at RM7.99.

If Senjyu maintain this standard, I would certainly say it's got my vote as the best Sashimi in town.

Senjyu Bangsar Village II branch's full address is:
Bangsar Village II
2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor,
2, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
59 100 Kuala Lumpur.

Open daily from 12pm - 10pm.


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