Monday, June 09, 2014

Perfect World's Swordsman MMORPG Launch

Based on the famed novels from Louis Cha also known as Jin Yong, Perfect World, a leader and publisher of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is pleased to announce the debut of Swordsman in Malaysia.
With impressive graphics using Perfect World's proprietary 3D gaming engine - the Angelica III, they recently launched the product at Paradigm Mall displaying and promoting along for people to sign-up an account.
Also present during the event is our very own national shuttler, Dato' Lee Chong Wei fresh from the Thomas Cup battle.
Being a lifelong national sportsman, the number one men singles badminton player finds the connection with the tale of heroism and fighting spirit portrayed in the game. Hence, he signs up an account. :D
Sky Zhang, South East Asia Director of Perfect World said,“Perfect World aspires to develop proprietary and original online games with a long-term goal of sharing the Chinese culture globally. To date, we have distributed online games to more than one hundred countries and have built a significant presence worldwide."
He continued,"We at Perfect World are constantly enhancing the library of games for the players; hence, bringing Swordsman to Malaysians is something we have wanted to do all along. The open beta phase will conclude in the next couple of days and gaming enthusiasts can definitely look forward to experiencing Swordsman Online's rich story and amazing gameplay!”

There's a marvelous swordsplay display at the event as well!
Swordsman enables gamers to explore the martial arts world during an intense era of the Ming Dynasty. From the strong and noble Shaolin clan to the swift and deadly Sun and Moon clan, gamers journey to master legendary fighting skills to engage in real-time combat with members of rival schools in the attempt to become the most powerful in the world martial arts.
In total, the game will feature ten martial arts clans.

To experience the amazing journey of Swordsman, log on to