Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Ever Tiger Translate in Malaysia at Kenanga City

Tiger Translate came and went when June 14, 2014 struck.
Right in the heart of KL, Tiger Translate brought together under one roof art and music to bring to enthusiasts a one of a kind experience.

Inside the hall, there was an array of live art installations as attendees make their way into the hall through the Translate art tunnel. Here within the tunnel, Kenji Chai, a talented graffiti artist, also showcase his talent in creating beautiful pieces of Tiger Translate art.
Over at the end of the hall, there are two massive trampoline where you can have your pictures taken while jumping on the trampoline against a backdrop of a big "Translate" sign and immediately shared on social media. This is called the Translate Jump Station.
On top of that, there are also temporary tattoos designed by Lynda Chean of Pink Tattoos for you to apply on.
These one of a kind, custom designs were hand drawn by Lynda especially for all attendees.

The party goers were also seen decorating and drawing on giant Tiger Beer bottles as well within the venue.
But most of the crowd, congregate at the front of the hall where the music performances are.
It started off with some nu disco and indie rock from local DJ trio Indiego & Co.
Then moved on to performances by Mad August:
Which is our local Malaysian band consisting of talented members who've played with the likes of Beyond before.

Up next, Manic Sheep follow suit:
Which in turn came Chochukmo, a Hong Kong based experimental rock band:
And then came OJ Law:
With 3 albums to his name, it should come as no surprise as this melodically gifted artist got the crowd dancing and partying along to his brand of indie rock, soul and electronica tunes.

And finally came on stage the highlight of the night, Editors.
Editors are a band from the UK and it's their first time performing here in Malaysia. They were nominated for Brit Awards in the Best British Group category and was also declared as one of the biggest British band of the 2000s decade.

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