Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sushi King Rice Burgers Food Review

It's been a very long time ever since I step foot into one of these places:
I remember the first time I tried Sushi King and for that matter, Japanese food. It was at the Section 14 outlet which has long been gone from there. But ever since I went to Japan and came back to Malaysia, I find that my taste for Japanese food had elevated. In fact, it elevated too much - so much so that I'm unable to find any satisfactory Japanese food in Malaysia anymore. And so, the decrease in intake of Japanese food in Malaysia for me had grinded almost to a halt.

But in recent years, I find that the standard has been raised to almost to the same familiar taste that I'm used to when I was in Japan; fresh ingredients, taste that excites instead of a monotonous bland feel and the pure relish of how the meat should be.

Sushi King is one of them. It took me by surprise on how much they had improved in their quality.

That laid-back night had brought me to the restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. A busy night it was nonetheless.
The mission was to try out their Rice Burgers on promotion.

There are altogether 5 different types of Rice Burgers with 3 of them being seasonal.

Although there were supposed to be some others joining at my table to savor Sushi King's delightful choices, it ended up with me having it all for myself. No doubt, it may seem greedy but I lavished at the experience and was amused at being treated like a royalty.

Some nice crispy Pumpkin Tempura to start off with before diving into the Rice Burgers:
The Pumpkin Tempura and the Miso Soup are available a'la carte at RM5 and RM3 respectively. Alternatively, you can have them with the Rice Burger as a set meal for an additional RM6 to the cost of the Rice Burger.

Moving on to the main items, this is the Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger:
As mentioned from it's name itself, it's comprised of beef. The beef is pan fried which is accompanied with some fresh lettuce and mayonnaise sauce in between two rice 'buns'. Costs RM7.

This one is the Chicken Katsu Rice Burger:
The deep fried breaded chicken fillet is also with some lettuce and mayonnaise but contains a hint of spice to it which might remain undetected if unwary of it. RM6 per serving is the price of this.

Next off were the seasonal items which all 3 are fish materials.

The Salmon Rice Burger:
This is cooked salmon and like the others, it's with lettuce and mayonnaise and a tinge of spicy sauce. It's RM8 for it.

Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger:
Saba is Mackerel in Japanese. Hence, this is a Mackerel Rice Burger with teriyaki sauce and some lettuce to provide a little crunch to it. The meat is grilled Mackerel. It costs RM10 per serving.

Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger:
Among all the Rice Burgers, I like this one the most. Simply because the rest has a taste which I'm very much familiar with but this has a somewhat unique taste to it. It's made up of flame-grilled salmon belly with wasabi and spicy sauce in between 2 Japonica Rice acting as the bun. The salmon belly certainly produced a much richer, succulent and buttery taste to it which brings it up a notch. But be sure to spread the wasabi evenly or you'll get pockets of bites that slivers up your nose numbing the other ingredients while other bites produces no enhancement whatsoever. This seasonal item is at RM9 per serving.

In addition to the Rice Burger promotion, Sushi King is having a Rice Burger Selfie contest. Simply snap a picture of yourself enjoying any one of the delicious rice burgers and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #skriceburgerselfie and be in the running to win a Grand Prize of RM300 complimentary vouchers. There's also a weekly prize of RM50 complimentary vouchers for 8 different winners, one each week.
During my much overdue revisit back to Sushi King, I had also learn of some new things that they had conjured up besides the quality and taste of their food. Their menu also includes how much calories are in each item:
Just like how it is in Japan and had some calories info too!
And they're also educating the public on the right way to eat Sushi too in order to enhance your Sushi eating experience.
Although it's still below the mark of what I had experienced in Japan, they did impress on me that they had significantly improved from what they used to be and had certainly converted my opinions to a much positive note.

The one at Sunway Pyramid is at:
Lot LG1.42,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from 10am-10pm