Friday, May 09, 2014

Spanish Wine Tasting at Beach Club Cafe's Sunset Suite

After it's successful relocation to a sprawling new venue 100 meters down from it's original location, Beach Club Cafe has now introduce the 'Sunset Suite' at it's first floor.
The theme and concept of the Sunset Suite is an offering of sensuality and intimacy where it's like an upper tier of a theater featuring the best seats overlooking the place and stage below are located. The place too is adorned with white Italian marble flooring, sleek silk drapes and private booths equipped with plush furniture.

Whilst in the setting of a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, I was there during the night of a Spanish wine taste testing event brought in by Grupo Codorniu Raventós - the 5th oldest winemaking company in the world and the first Cava House in Spain.

There were in total 6 wines that I indulged in that night along with some savory Tapas served to go along accordingly to the wine that it's supposed to pair with.
Cava Gran Bach Brut
It's fizzy, bubbly refreshing and crisp. It's more of a sparkling wine and it's color is pale straw yellow. 11.5% in alcohol content, it contains a fruity aroma smell with apples, citrus fruits taking the lead. Well balance in it's acidity and easy on the palate.

Veranza Chardonnay 2013
The liquid looks clear and bright with greenish lemon yellow hues. Similar in aspects of the Cava Gran Bach Brut, it's also fruity in aroma smell but more towards peach, passionfruit and lime. In terms of taste, its refreshing and balanced in acidity, fruity and eases in entry with the palate like the Cava Gran Bach Brut. But the taste lingers longer and Cava Gran Bach Brut is bubbly.

Veranza Tinto 2011
Alcohol content 13% and a part of the wine was aged for 3 months in 300 liter American oak barrels. It has a dark cherry red color with garnet hues. Strong smelling aroma and has a slight toasty kind of taste with quite a long after taste.

Viña Pomal Crianza 2010
13.5% alcohol content. The wine is now at it's optimum consumption time and has a further cellaring potential of 3-4 more years. It does not require to decanter. It's color is deep picota cherry red with violet hues. Floral aroma with tastes of blackberries and hints of vanilla and roasted coffee aftertaste. Good structure and soft tannins.

La Vicalanda Reserva 2008
This 14% alcohol content red wine contains deep garnet with purple hues color. It smells slightly woody with blackberries overlain. It's also strong like the Viña Pomal Crianza 2010 and goes well with roast lamb and cured cheeses.

Cava Anna de Codorniu
This wine that has more than 12 months in contact with the yeast lees in the bottle is recommended to be consumed within the year of purchase for optimal taste. It's brilliant yellow color with green reflections and has fine, persistent bubbles forming continuous beads. Citrusy in smell and taste and creamy on the palate. Great for accompanying a menu from start to finish!