Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kronenbourg 1664 Promotes Work-Life Balance Through Cinq À Sept

Yet again I reiterate that life is meant to be enjoyed and not just all work. Hence striking a work-life balance amongst the Malaysian lifestyle is of vital importance and Kronenbourg 1664 agrees with me by introducing Cinq À Sept at one of their recent events.
Pronounced as "Sank-Ah-Set", the term literally translates to "Five to Seven" in French. Why is this so is because it's in reference to the hours of 5pm to 7pm where work traditionally ends for the French, after which they would head out to a bar and cafe with their friends or colleagues to enjoy a few drinks and bond.

When I arrived, I was just in time to catch the Can-can dance finishing.
Making my way into Cafe de Paris, Pavilion, I immediately saw a couple friends of mine, Dennis and Evelyn. They were also the lucky draw winners of the mini cooler and beer tower:
“Life in Asia is hectic and Malaysians tend to spend over 40-hours a week at work, losing out on cherished moments with their friends and families, while the French is well known for promoting a better work-life balance. Hence, we at Kronenbourg 1664 wants everyone to ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ and get that balance right, through Cinq à Sept. The French have always believed in catching up with friends for a drink after work as a way to savour life, and Kronenbourg 1664 aims to instil that important lifestyle in Malaysia, to spread joy with a few cold beers shared with friends,” said Kenny Lim Kien Keong, Premium Brand Marketing Manager.
Before dinner commenced from the kitchen of Cafe de Paris, Jenga wood block game were distributed for the ones in attendance to have a little fun in keeping us occupied.
Each Jenga wood block contains instructions where the loser has to act out in challenges stated on the blocks like touching your nose with your tongue or dancing on the chair for 10 seconds. Besides this, there's also the lucky draw balloon popping for Kronenbourg 1664 discount vouchers and plenty of cold Kronenbourg 1664 for everyone during this fun-filled session.

Then dinner is served!
Started with these starters:
Followed by these Cheese Balls:
I really like these. Full of cheesy goodness inside.

Some greens. Erm, also red, orange and purple salad. LOL
Later, some fine French Bread laid out to us:
All ready to go with the Beef Stew:
And also Chicken Stew:
Didn't quite like the chicken one though. :/

Final dish, the dessert:
Which is Chocolate Mousse with a Macaroon.

These activities are the brand's first step to introduce the French way of life to Malaysians, where one could be just as productive within their official working hours and still be able to enjoy life with friends and loved ones.

For more information about Kronenbourg 1664, visit their Facebook page at and Instagram at @K1664MY.