Saturday, May 31, 2014

Japan Food Fair at Urbanfresh Marketplace, Setia City Mall

Yeah, so I've been living under a rock and I've never heard of Setia City Mall before but decided to venture into the unknown and boldly go where I've never been before when I heard of the Japan Food Fair that was held at the Urbanfresh Marketplace there.
After going through levels after levels in finding a parking, I finally decided that it's futile and headed straight to the rooftop where there'll be plenty of parking there since no one likes parking in the open, under the hot sun and rain, including myself. LOL.

From that minor setback, I stepped out of the sun and into the climate of the air-conditioned indoor mall where I was greeted by the sight of the cinema. As I combed through the mall's floors and various shops and stalls, I grew fonder with it's interior and place. I soon found Urbanfresh Marketplace snugged in a corner of the mall's lower ground.

The Japan food fair at Urbanfresh Marketplace is placed right at the entrance before the cashiers where six island compartments packed with different Japanese products lay in display awaiting for consumers' purchase.
There's assortments of snacks, confectioneries, candies, biscuits, condiments, instant noodles and many more.
The ever famous Glico's product - Pretz above.
I spot Doritos in a flavor not available in Malaysia in the above pic. :D
Above pic, the green pack product closest, Cheese Almond Wasabi Flavor biscuit.
Below pic, this section seems to have a lot of green stuff, LOL:
Balmy Crunch:
A green tea with some mild white chocolate taste - that's what it says on the pack.

This is somewhat called the "Cooking" section:
It contains items that might require some light preparation like instant noodles and such.

Oishii Kare-!:
Soba Noodles:
Kit-Kat Red White Pack:
Cute candies!
There were also some taste sampling handed out such as miso soup and some chicken and these 2 Japanese guys were there to assist:
We later headed further inside Urbanfresh Marketplace to their wine and alcohol section and savor some of the Japanese snacks from the Japan Food Fair.

To my amazement, the section is huge. I'm totally loving it. This is now my most favorite mall. LOL.
On top of a wide array of selections, there's also a bar area for taste testing and recommendations.
They keep the premium bottles locked up in a room:
They also have a separate room specially for Single Malt Whiskies! Inside the room of Single Malt Whisky, they have on display a variety of brands and some unique bottles which are for display purposes only (since it's rare) like this 50 years Glenfiddich:
And this beautiful collectors item Macallan:
Okay, so let's get back to the tasting part.

Before we started off tasting these goodies:
We had a sip of this Umeshu made with Yuzu:
Sweet, nice light flavor.
We then tried this Umeshu:
Somehow I prefer this more even though it's sweeter.

Then came the fancy bottled Half Moon Umeshu:
Red is plum, Blue is Yuzu and Green is Ginger. Only tasted the Blue one which is with Yuzu. Milder in sweetness than the other 2 but can taste the stronger alcohol content.

We then move on to this white wine:
McGuigan is the label. It's Riesling White Wine.

We then proceeded to munch on this nice Mochi Ice Cream:
Powdery and fluffy on the outside incorporated with the cold ice cream inside to make a great tasting snack.

The infamous Dorayaki!
Popularized by Doraemon whose favorite snack is the Dorayaki. This ones Matcha (Green Tea) flavor.
Doritos Gourmet:
Prawn Mayonnaise flavor. Didn't quite fancy this because I don't quite like prawns nor mayonnaise and this tasted very much like the real thing taste.

Some red wine to boot, the McGuigan brand:
Cabernet Sauvignon.

Some more Green tea flavor item, Pocky:
I like how these Oreo Chocolate Bars taste:
In raspberry flavor.
And these Marshmallow with Black Sesame cream inside too:
The Japan Food Fair at Urbanfresh Marketplace, Setia City Mall will be on till around middle of June so if you wanna try these authentic Japanese items, head on down to grab some.
Urbanfresh Marketplace address:
Lot LG-SM, Setia City Mall

7 Persiaran Setia Dagang, Shah Alam, Selangor 40170


Merryn said...

I dont think I've been to Setia City Mall before. Gasp KIT KAT! I want!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I can pass you some Kit Kat. :)