Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cornery - The Popcorn Gallery at KL Festival City Mall

KL Festival City Mall - a place which I've never knew existed let alone being here before and I was thinking that I had a look & see at this place. Taking the opportunity of scouring the mall, I took on the task of savoring Cornery's popcorn since I've never tasted it before.
Housed in a kiosk like setting, Cornery Popcorn has a bright and cheerful vibe to it to invite customers.

Cornery Popcorn started off in Singapore on 28th May, 2008 (what a nice number) and has ever since crept into the Malaysian market starting with it's first branch at Low Yat Plaza. With over 20 flavors under their belt, they had an extensive array of popcorn and is ever constantly churning out new flavors with their Popcorn Artists team. During my visit to their outlet in KL Festival City Mall, they had these 8 flavors on display and to try:
Chocolate and Green Tea:
Banana and Black Sesame:
Wasabi and Butterscotch:
Peanut and Caramel:
My fave 3 out of the 8 are Caramel, Butterscotch and Black Sesame. :)

Their cute popcorn mascot name Poppy:
Their popcorn has a roundish shape to it unlike other popcorn which is butterfly in shape.
So after a brief introduction, they walk through with me on how their popcorn is made.

The first step is that they put in those popcorn kernels (by the way, they are US grown premium popcorn) into air poppers like so:
And once it pops, it will fall into a big tray with holes which is the sieve for unpopped kernels and those small ones:
Using air poppers like these ensure a much healthier way of preparing the popcorn instead of those that uses oil and such.

Once the popcorn is done, they'll transfer it to a bin while the flavoring is being made.

The base being mixed away:
Once it's ready, the flavors will be added in with the base which in this case of my viewing, the chocolate powder:
After mixing it up, the popcorn is added in to absorb the flavoring.
Mix it up real good so it's nice and even. They later pour it out onto a tray and separate them so they don't stick together while it's still hot.
They then transfer it to the sieving tray again to weed out those small ones one more time.
And that's it! That's how it's done. Honestly, I like it when it's nice and warm, just freshly made.

They have 3 types of packaging, Grab (700ml), Regular (1100ml) and Large (2500ml).
For Grab it's RM7, Regular RM10 and Large RM20. For the Regular you can mix 2 flavors for RM1 extra while the Large can mix 2 or 3 flavors also for RM1 extra. The Regular and Large packaging is resealable and if you keep it refrigerated, it can last even much more longer.

The Cornery outlet in KL Festival City Mall is located at:
Lot GK-08, Ground Floor
No. 67 Jalan Taman Ibu Kota
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak
53300 Kuala Lumpur

In addition, Cornery Popcorn also caters for Special Occasions and Events. For further info, call 03-8073 3617 or email at


Merryn said...

These days ppl go for air popped popcorns instead of those butter and caramel ones already. It is so interesting that you get to see how they are done. I'd like to see it too. I like to see how my food is being prepared :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, I felt like a kid when I went to see how their popcorn is made. :D