Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bariuma Ramen, Jaya Shopping Centre, Section 14, PJ Food Review

Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14 has finally reopened again!

Known as Jaya Supermarket last time, it has been revamped, rebuilded, and redecorated and has finally opened it's doors as the all-new Jaya Shopping Centre which is opposite Digital Mall Section 14, PJ.

While not fully occupied at the moment, it does house some new shops in it. One of them is Bariuma Ramen:
There are over 37 stores all over Japan and a few over at Singapore but this is the first time that the Bari-Uma name has entered into Malaysia.
Bari-Uma's concept on ramen consists of super rich tonkotsu shoyu ramen broth with high quality soy sauce for the base of the soup where the natural flavors of the pork is preserved resulting in a nice creamy taste.
With the much woody feel of the restaurant, it certainly has a natural look, like how ramen shops in Japan are only of course, this one's way bigger.

So we started off with some Gyoza which are Japanese pan-fried dumpling with chicken fillings:
I love Gyoza. It's something that I would usually order if I see it on the menu. That and Xiao Long Pao. But there are many who disappointed me with their lackluster taste. In this case, it was nice to bite and pleasant to the palate. It contains just the right amount of crispiness on the skin and is juicy within. There's not even a need to dip it in soy sauce to enjoy it. A lovely set of Gyoza if I might say. Price is at RM11 for 5 pieces.

Another version of Gyoza that we tasted is the Negi-mayo Gyoza:
As the name suggested, it's with Negi (spring onion) and Mayo on top of it. Internally has the same great taste as the other version but with the extra ingredient on top, it makes the taste of the Gyoza much better. It also has a kick of spice to it which suits my taste. It's RM12 for 5 pieces.

Moving along to their main items on the menu, we savored 4 of their ramen. For me, I started off with this:
Ajitama-Uma. It's basically their signature Bari-Uma ramen with egg in it. The soup was good and I like drinking it along with eating the ramen. The thick-cut flamed chashu has a drop of chili paste on it which is just nice to enhance the taste. Priced at RM28.

This is the Chashu-Uma:
A great value for money since it's lavished with 4 thick-cut flamed chashu for RM32. The broth is basically the same. By the way, the chashu at Bari-uma are imported pork from Spain, a much tender, richer ones where with their marination, it tastes fantastic. This version of ramen is best to satisfy the chashu lovers.

Here we have the Noritama-Uma:
Aptly named, it's with Nori (seaweed) and tamago (egg) along with the usual ingredients of chashu in tonkotsu broth. The nori adds seaweed flavor to it which to a certain extent does make it a step up from those without. Love how the egg yolk is not purely harden which makes it like a seasoning to me when it comes into contact with the ramen and the soup. This costs RM29.

And the last one that I tried was the Kara-Uma ramen:
Although it looks spicy, it's not. To me the flavor of this is just okay. Costs RM26.

I love how they catered and tweaked to the Malaysian taste instead of the usual Japanese kind of tonkotsu because Japanese tend to enjoy a much saltier broth than Malaysians.

Still having some space in the tummy, we opted for some Yakitori:
Yakitori-combo, consisting of 5 different types which are Negima (chicken thigh and leeks), Butanegima (pork thigh and leeks), Tori-niku (chicken thigh), Sasami (chicken breast) and Butabara (pork belly). Available for RM13.90.

We also tried their imported Italian ice cream:
There are 2 flavors, Matcha (Green Tea) and Black Sesame. The green tea at least did not taste powdery like a lot of places I tried and the Black Sesame contains real sesame seeds in them. RM7.90 each.

Currently Bari-Uma at Jaya Shopping Complex is in it's soft launch phase and opens only from 12-3pm & 6-9pm except for Sunday where it's 12pm-9pm but once it's fully operational, it's available daily from 10am-10pm.

The full address is:
Jaya Shopping Centre
L3-11, Level 3,
Jalan Semangat,
46100 Petaling Jaya,


foongpc said...

Never been to Bariuma Ramen. And have not stepped into the new Jaya Supermarket yet!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's fairly new! Just opened a month or so back. :)