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Pepper Lunch, Pavilion KL Food Review

Pepper lunch was a distant memory to me where I ate once and I never looked back anymore. But my recent visit to the Pavilion branch had triggered a memory in me to remind me of the name and the food it serves.
I stepped in to an almost empty place but the hungry lunch crowd started looming once noon came around and filled the place up pretty much.
It's familiar sight of sizzling hot plate with the caution paper around it jogs my memory of a nostalgic time where I ate with a childhood friend a few years back at Sunway Pyramid. I somehow remembered eating something with a sunny side up egg but can't recall what exactly the dish was. I just remembered that we first glanced at the menu, then walked around to look at other restaurants before finally settling with Pepper Lunch.

Moving back to the present, at the Pepper Lunch, Pavilion branch food review, I soon learn that the concept of Pepper Lunch is that you DIY your own meat on how well you want it to be cooked.
The hot plate is a unique cast iron plate that using a special electromagnetic cooker, the iron plate can heat up to 260 degrees Celsius in 70 seconds and remain hot at about 80 degrees Celsius for more than 20 minutes. The meat is served raw with it's other ingredients and will grill and sizzle upon the hot plate where the hot plate also serve the purpose of retaining the heat and keeping the food warm while you eat. Never knew that before this food review. No wonder they ask after serving on whether I know what to do with it and then instruct on cooking and mixing it up along with the sauces.

Ok, so let's start off with the Combo Deluxe. Here we have the Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku:
It's priced at RM21.80. All Combo Deluxe comes with rice and you can request to add an egg by adding in RM1.50. Notice that the BBQ Beef Yakiniku is reddish. That's because it's served rare and when it sizzles and cooks away on the hot plate, later on, the BBQ Beef Yakiniku will be closer to brownish color. As for the Burger Steak, a special butter is put on top where you're supposed to spread it on and cook the burger steak to your desired meat temp. The beef they use to serve are Premium Australian Beef.

This Combo Deluxe is the Chicken Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku:
The chicken steak also has that special butter on top to spread and sizzle away on the hot plate. :)
Same price as the Burger Steak & BBQ Beef Yakiniku.

And finally, another Combo Deluxe which is the Salmon & Chicken:
It was being tossed away while I snapped this photo to be cooked hence a certain blurriness to it came about. This costs RM28.80

They also have their special sauce which I also recall trying when I ate at Pepper Lunch sometime back which is the Garlic Soy Sauce:
And the Honey Brown Sauce:
The Garlic Soy Sauce has a stirrer on the top of it's cover and it's for you to stir the contents so that the garlic residue do not stay at the bottom. Honey Brown Sauce has a light sweetness to it and as I recall back to my first visit to Pepper Lunch, it still has that same familiar taste when I ate those sauces. ^.^

This here is the Salmon Cream Pasta with Mushroom:
The one that we shared, we added Mozzarella Cheese into it (not the picture above). The price to add on cheese is an additional RM2.50. Otherwise, it would be RM19.80. With the cheese added in, it has added a much richer, creamier taste to it but could be too much for some people. Other than that, the taste was not bad.

Here are some of the side dishes at Pepper Lunch:
Mini Salad, Mashed Potato and Wakame Soup. With an addition of RM6 with the order of the main dish, you get a drink + either the soup, the salad, the mashed potato or the ice cream depending on your choice.

The person next to me had the Teriyaki Double Salmon which is priced at RM32.80:
Props to the Teriyaki sauce which creates a delightful taste when eaten with the Salmon. Best of the sauces that I've tasted at Pepper Lunch.

As for me, I went for the Japanese Curry Rice with Double Steak Burger:
I'm a sucker for Japanese curry. But more often than not, a lot of so-called Japanese restaurants in Malaysia do not serve Japanese curry up to the standard that I like. However, Pepper Lunch's Japanese curry is acceptable enough to me. I gleefully poured the curry on top of the rice and slops of it on the beef burger steak after spreading the butter on top.
It looks like an erupted volcano. Haha. A nice touch putting the Chili on top of the rice. Since Malaysians love spicy, eating the curry along with the chili provides a certain spiciness to it without compromising the taste of Japanese curry. My mistake though, with this dish is that I didn't sear the burgers enough to the level that I would love it to be while it was still sizzling hot. Still, it is quite a good dish. Costs RM23.80.

Here's another Japanese Curry dish. The Japanese Curry Rice with Seafood:
Same price with the dish I ordered but with the add-on egg of RM1.50.

Pepper Lunch reminded me of a memory in the corner of my mind which I never knew I had. Somehow, the activity of going to the outlet to try had awaken that trip I made to the Sunway Pyramid branch which goes down even to the detail of the taste of its food and sauce (by the way, it's the same in this outlet) but other than the visit to that restaurant, I had no recollection of what I did that day. Most likely it was a movie screening but don't remember for what movie.

Anyway, for the branch at Pavilion, it's open daily from 10am-10pm
Address is:
Lot 1.54, Level 1, Pavilion KL


Small Update On That Day

On another note which is unrelated and totally nothing to do with Pepper Lunch, after that fulfilling meal at Pepper Lunch, I head on down to Tropicana City Mall for Mbuji's coffee appreciation class.
Very different from the one I attended last time (
It lets us taste the different coffee of South America and Africa also their own special blends of coffee.
Right after that, we headed to the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf which I heard so much about but never step foot in it before. I couldn't resist and ordered the Crown Lager Beer because I've never tried it before:

It's an Australian 100% malt beer surprisingly quite tasty to me.
Me and Soo Yin tried out one of their burgers called The Governor:
It has a poached egg on it. It's nice but lacks the addictiveness to eat it again especially with that price range.

Well, that's about it in this short update of that day after I went to Pepper Lunch. :)


Spicy Sharon said...

A miss on Pepper Lunch?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

An okay for Pepper Lunch if ever I feel like something different from those regular fast food joints. :)