Friday, April 18, 2014

Heineken Club Bottle Color Series Finale Party

Following its exciting unveiling during Milan Design Week 2013 and its Malaysian debut at Heineken Thirst, the exclusive and limited edition Heineken Club Bottle continues to redefine the after-dark drinking experience with the Heineken Color Series this March and April.
The Heineken Club Bottle was the centrepiece of Heineken’s Maggazzini installation at Milan Design Week. Maggazini was conceived as an experimental creative space that featured collaborations between the brand – world renowned for expanding the boundaries of creative culture – and leaders in the design world. This collection of pioneering designers, artists and publications included Designersblock, PechaKucha, Cool Hunting, Joshua Davis, Tuttobene and Heineken Club Bottle creator, Matt W. Moore.
“The Heineken Club Bottle is one of the latest in a series of global Heineken design initiatives,” comments Jessie Chuah, Heineken Marketing Manager. “In Malaysia, we have a long history of working closely with the creative community on cutting edge art projects. The Heineken Color Series enables us to bring those international and local elements together to create a new experience for our Malaysian consumers.”

In normal daylight the aluminium Heineken Club Bottle features a frosted geometric pattern framing a signature green star. After dark, under ultraviolet (UV) light a new story emerges. A new personality of startling fluorescent greens and blues shines through, vividly lighting up the club space to reveal a stunning piece of hand-held art.
Heineken Club Bottle designer Matt W. Moore is one of the most electrifying graphic designers and installation artists of the last ten years. A pioneer of the Vectorfunk style of graphic design, his work blurs the lines between technology and street art. His Monumental Murals can be found on walls in cities across the world while his work with brands includes collaborations with companies like Heineken and even a design takeover of technology zeitgeist publication Wired.
It was awhile back on April 5, 2014 to be exact where the finale party series were held at The Rabbit Hole, an exciting new concept bar and club on Changkat Bukit Bintang with DJs Fordy, Mizzkiya, Tres and Lapsap.
The place easily filled up with people that evening with it's limited space. I chatted away with my friend till the night got later and the morning came nearer. I then proceeded into the Green Room which ironically looks more white than green and is hidden behind heavy wooden doors. The DJ in there was playing some wicked good mixes which I could groove to. Inside the room were significantly fewer people in there but I didn't care. I was in my zone and I continued on partying and pretty soon became a little party starter with people all around the room staring at me move to the beat where they too are inspired to dance along.
A foreign guy soon came in the room and took noticed of a sexy girl at the back of the room. But as I had foreseen, he was rejected hard by her but still had his chin up and some fun and even bought me another drink. LOL. The girl grooved in her own little world with occasional clinking of drinks and dances with me until I decided to call it quits.

Well, it was quite a fantastically fun party for me. Probably due to the fact that for the first time, I started the party going and cared nothing more but the great set that the DJ got me going. Hope to have more great parties like this in the future. :)