Sunday, March 09, 2014

LivingSocial Blindfold Dinner at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai, Setiawalk Mall

Ever wonder what it's like being blind? I have. Other than being unable to see, I wonder how much would my food appreciation be heightened without being able to see it.

Hence, when LivingSocial organized a blindfolded dinner at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai in Setiawalk Mall, I readily participated in it to see whether my perspective on the food I eat changes.
When the doors of the lift opened revealing the place, Grand Shanghai took me by surprise as right outside of the lift lays an olden day Chinese themed food court. I was thinking to myself, "Wait a minute. This couldn't be right. Elizabeth Fine Dine wouldn't be inside a food court, could it?" As I venture outside of the food court, my suspicions were confirmed as outside of the food court still lays an olden days Chinese theme while individual restaurants took their respective places.
Elizabeth Fine Dine had it's own theme with a setting of Victorian style where their plates are pretty with art on it which usually folks use for decorative piece while they serve with it.
I sat around waiting for it to start while sipping on a welcoming drink, partly afraid of the unknown and partly excited to embark on it.

By the way, I was supposed to have a complimentary ride to and fro provided by Uber Malaysia but decided against it after struggling with the app for 5 minutes when it was time to adjourn to Setiawalk.
An ugly mug of me with my invited one.

When the time came, I was famished and was eager for some food since I'm used to having my dinner early. We put our blindfolds on and a wait staff lead us into the restaurant.
The walking to the seat was a breeze if you don't think much of it and just take strides as if you're normally walking but once I was at the entrance of the restaurant, I find myself hesitating a bit and walk slower than I should when I fear there'll be steps but quickly regain composure when I was aware of it.

Once at our seat, we were provided with a choice of Red Wine, White Wine or some Juice to start us off which I decided for Red Wine.
Unfortunately, the Red Wine wasn't refillable and only the juice and water were left halfway through the dinner. Lucky I got it topped up once and a little bit left from my partner as I stole her wine. Muahaha. Funny they gave her Red Wine when she asked for White Wine.
Being blindfolded is much easier than I thought it would be and didn't fumble around much. It helps a lot having such a small table for 2 and to feel around a lot and dare to venture out further than just your small space of comfort. Didn't even need much assistance from the wait staffs.

The 6-course meal started off with Canapés:
Used my hands all the way except for the last 3 dishes which were the soup, the Chicken and the dessert.

When I bit through it, I tasted mainly tuna and piece of bread which is with garlic butter so to me, it tasted like a tuna sandwich. LOL.
After finishing it, I had this wacky idea to take photos with my blindfold on to see how it would turn out. Turns out, it was all quite okay. XD
I flagged a wait staff to come over to tell me whether I have finished or not which he mentioned yes. Seems to me there's still a piece of cucumber on it. How the cucumber came out, I had no idea but feeling around on my plate, it felt like there was nothing. Anyway, I don't eat cucumber much. LOL.

I was bored waiting around and so I started snapping my surroundings blindfolded. Turns out, I had some really interesting results. Haha.

It looks like she's some kind of cyclops:
This guy looks stressed:
Gets a little boring waiting around, right? Only thing to do is to talk.
After that, even that gets boring and I decided to just snap pics blindfolded of the food I'll be eating. With the blindfolds on, it makes me really sleepy as well, hence between dishes I tend to sleep while I await my meal.

Next up that was served was what I guess as a seafood salad. The menu indicated as Caesar Salad with Seafood. This is how it's supposed to look like:
This was how I captured it blindfolded. This shots not good, I was shaky:
First thing I tasted were the croutons, then the lettuce then mussels and shrimps. Nothing unusual that I tasted there and could easily identify what I was eating.

Wait again, till the third dish came and it was the Salmon Tartar:
Here's my shot of it:
Looks as if I'm not blindfolded at all. Yay!
Well, the first thing that I put in my mouth was the strong taste of basil which I immediately took it out after discovering what I had tasted. The salmon was easy to identify however, the buffalo cheese was not since it had such a neutral taste to it.

Strawberry Chili Soup:
Here's my take on it:
As I take scoops of it, it tasted sweet with a little zest of spice and what it had was the most familiar taste to me but I just couldn't recall what it was. Later, the one across the table struck a chord in me and what she said was correct. That familiar taste - was yoghurt. Tasted exactly like it just with a zest of spice.

The main course was up after the soup which I opted for Chicken with the choice of Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian.
The dish is called Chicken Diavola:
Here's my pic, blindfolded:
Ok, so I took a few bites before realizing I forgot to take a pic of it. LOL. But you must know, I was hungry.
I opted to use fork and spoon because I was thinking that the chicken will be hot and using hands might not be the wisest thing to do. To cut the chicken, I constantly tap my fork till I hit something and just leave some space and cut it with the knife. Had a lot of imperfect cuttings but hey, I didn't care. As long as I get some food into my mouth, it's fine.

Lastly came the dessert:
Wait a minute. Why my Tiramisu don't look like that?
My most perfect blindfold shot. XD
Having a scoop of it, I immediately knew my dessert was Tiramisu.
Dinner done, blindfolds off and we receive a door gift with a menu accompanying.
Well, did being blindfolded enhance my taste buds? I would say no. Maybe because my palates has undergone refining process when I started reviewing food more and had went for wine, whisky and coffee taste tests before which comparing to what I taste and what the tasting notes write makes me understand my palate more and more. Perhaps if the dinner were to had more exotic and exquisite tastes to it rather than mostly familiar tastes would've heightened my appreciation for it.

But some things are for sure when being blindfolded, it's very easy to grow afraid because you're not sure what's around you and what's there especially if you need to move around. If I'm settled in and I'm blindfolded, I feel very sleepy probably because of the emptiness and darkness. Nevertheless, it's a good experience and I now can cross this as one of the things to do off my list. LOL.


Spicy Sharon said...

Haha. How was the overall experience though? LOL.

Honestly, I think the idea of fine-dining in the dark is well - pointless. I mean, if its expensive food, being visual and the presentation part of it counts big time.

The place was packed from one of your pictures?

Unknown said...

Please dun cover my eye, i want to eat

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

The experience was a little intimidating in the beginning but as I warmed up, it was a good experience.

Well, if fine-dining in the dark enhances your appreciation for the taste of the food, then it's not all pointless.

For this event, it was full house for it.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. It is a good experience to try once.

Charmaine Pua said...

LOL you slept while waiting for food?
So long meh? XD

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, in between meals, I would say it took around 15 minutes so ya, since I felt so sleepy blindfolded and there's nothing to do except talk to the person in front, I occasionally just slept awhile. LOL.

Tenshi Chn said...

Somehow I don't think I would feel comfortable eating blindfolded. and yes you're so right about the sleepy part. lol!