Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chakri Palace, Pavilion KL Media Launch

Chakri Palace opened it's doors at Pavilion KL and held a media launch one evening in March.
After a bit of a wait being there early and all, I had a lookaround at the small yet comfortable outlet.

Definitely looking forward to try their award winning Tom Yam which is mild, medium spicy or can be requested for just the non spicy one.
The Chakri Palace bar, indicating it serves alcohol as well.
First outlet of Chakri Palace is located at KLCC where it opened way back in 1999 and since then has strive to offer authentic Thai cuisines that are prepared by award-winning chefs.
A carving demonstration by award winning carver Chef Lamprai takes place while awaiting for more guests to arrive:
Her selected piece slowly but surely takes shape into a flowery mold as she skillfully carves away to her desired shape.

After a certain period of time, Kee Hua Chee started it off as the emcee:
This then led to the opening speech by Ms. Caleen Chua and followed of by Chef Nopporn Nutto:
Chef Nopporn Nutto described and introduced Chakri Palace's signature dishes:
Which includes the signature Kadok Leaves Roll (strong minty taste with the peanuts providing a crunch), the Catfish Mango Salad, Roasted Duck with Coffee Sauce and Red Ruby Water Chestnut.

With that the buffet opens and that's when I went to have a sample taste of their Tom Yum with noodles:
The staff carefully selects the portion of each ingredient and puts it together into the bowl once the noodle has been boiled off and asks whether I want it spicy. As I answered yes to it, he scoops a dollop of chili and dumps it right on top.

The Tom Yum is flavorful; savory with a vague sour taste. The small portion of chili that sits on top at the beginning does nothing to elevate the spiciness.

With dinner out of the way, Chef Lamprai with Chef Nopporn spearheads a mini carving class cum competition with the participants heading home with a little knowledge of it and tokens of appreciation:
I headed off into the distance and fade away into the night once the event ended, had a strollaround before deciding to head towards home.