Sunday, February 02, 2014

Yuu-Jo Japanese Restaurant, Kiara Designer Suites, Food Review

Placed at a location where expats and Japanese throng, Yuu-Jo is located at Mont Kiara, where to me, this place is the upper class area.
But this is no ordinary Japanese restaurant, oh no. No doubt, the main theme may be Japanese but it's delicacies has some European twist to it's dishes - hence, a Japanese fusion dish.

I've tried many fusion dishes before and more often than not, it leads to disappointment. Out of at least 10 times, only 1 works for me.

To me, Japanese food is the easiest to fuse with. It's pure, authentic flavors can blend in well with some of the world's spices and flavors. But in order to make it better than pure Japanese let alone making it just taste okay takes skills.

Anyway, here are the dishes I tasted at this establishment and my opinions on it.

Gyuu Tataki:
Beef slices with crisp vegetables on top. It's flavorful and has a tangy taste to it.

Salmon Carpaccio:
From the name itself, you know it's a fusion dish let alone the plating of it. Salmon slices with some beautiful okra on top with sauce underneath. The sauce may look oily, but it works well with the salmon. Kind of like a teriyaki - BBQ mixed of flavors with a bit of a sourness to it that provides an extra flavor to the fresh salmon slices. Costs RM14.80.

Tori Nanban:
It's fried chicken with a mixture of tartar and sweet and sour source. Looking almost like a puree form with a side of green salad. Although it's tasty, I don't find it something to be out of the ordinary. The price though, is tempting which is only RM7.80.

Seafood Tempura:
Tempura Prawn, Crab sticks, an assortment of seafood tempuras. Another dish which I also find that's nothing out of the ordinary. However, there's supposed to be a sauce of their own that brings a fusion twist to it instead of the usual tempura sauce and that is with sea salt and some lemon. But due to popular demand of eating the tempura with the tempura sauce, we were served with tempura sauce.

Salmon Plate:
A pan fried teriyaki Salmon and what's interesting is that it's served with fried udon although it looks like fries and some fresh vegetables in there. A nice cooked flavor on the salmon and a nice touch on the fried udon, making a bit of a crunch in it and is delicious.

Curry Rice:
Unlike the normal Japanese curry rice, this Japanese curry tasted a little different from the conventional ones I've tasted. It has it's own unique original flavor to it but similar in taste. Very delicious sauce which can rival to a good home made Japanese curry in terms of taste.

Wasabi Beef:
Glistening pieces of cooked beef with some spring onions on top and some flavorful sauce at the bottom. There may not be traces of wasabi visible but once you pop a piece of meat in your mouth, you'll immediately taste it. But it won't be too strong to mask the other taste. Just the right amount in my opinion.

Neba Neba:
An assortment with Natto (fermented soybeans), yam, pickled cucumber, okra, some seaweed and an egg. Mix em all up and it's ready to eat! Really love this one. Perhaps it's because I love Natto. The strong flavor of it comes through just that in the mixture, it's taste is weaker and the texture is less gooey and more runny. Nevertheless, the taste of Natto is still apparent even after mixing.

Seafood Risotto:
Didn't look like Risotto to me. Not sure if it tasted like one because I've never had Risotto in my life before. There's roe eggs on the rice and there's quite a weird sweet taste to it which is not to my liking. The sweetness to it was probably from the roe eggs and some vinegar that was added to it.

Overall, their dishes are superbly plated and there are some noteworthy dishes that I fancy.

The full address is:
B1-B3, Kiara Designer Suites. No 18, Jalan Kiara 3, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone No.: 03-6206 5273


kuromeowiie said...

I still prefer something simple like sushi leh :p


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, there's no plain sushi there. LOL.

foongpc said...

Sounds interesting. But I prefer authentic Japanese food :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, I usually do to. But this one I gotta give it kudos for it's flavors.