Saturday, February 22, 2014

I, Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review

Genre: Action
Language: English
Starring:  Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
Story (may contain spoilers!):
The tale of Frankenstein is a very familiar one where I, Frankenstein starts off the same. A mad scientist name Victor Frankenstein stitch together corpses with various functioning parts and jolts it to life. After finding that his creation is an abomination, he tries to get rid of it killing it. But the creature survived and exact revenge upon Victor Frankenstein by killing his newfound wife.

Victor, driven by rage, seek out his creation to kill it once and for all but succumbed to the cold and froze to death. The creature, whereupon was known in it's fables as Frankenstein, buried his creator and thought that was the end of it.

While burying his creator, demons approached him and ambushed him but Frankenstein proved strong and fend off many. Later on, 2 gargoyles emerged to help him fend off the demons to which they rendered Frankenstein unconscious and took him back to the gargoyles sanctuary to find out what he is and why the demons want him.

When Frankenstein awakens, the gargoyle queen, Leonore, questions him but was unable to get an answer from him. However, the gargoyles knew about him and was confirmed from the journal of Victor Frankenstein found in the pocket of Victor's trenchcoat. Although soulless, seeing the potential of having a soul, Leonore release Frankenstein and named him Adam. They invited Adam to join in the fight between Gargoyles and Demons seeing he was already sucked into the battle but Adam refuse and revert back to his bitter self and being alone again.

Exiting the gargoyles' sanctuary, Adam went away as far as possible to escape from the demons. But being even to the far corners of the earth, the demons still seek him out and hunt for him. Pretty soon, Adam turn the tables on the demons. Instead of them hunting for him, he started hunting for demons.

After about 200 years later, Adam returned back to the city where he first encountered the gargoyles and the demons and was closing in on finding out where the demon king is. The gargoyles abducted Adam back to their place again and this time, Leonore is furious for she sees that she has unleashed a monster and am planning to destroy Adam.

But during the duration of Adam being in custody, the demons with all their army attack the gargoyles' sanctuary in order to get to Adam. The gargoyles fought off the demons as much as possible and decided to release Adam from custody to fend for himself too. While battling the demons, the gargoyles had left their queen unguarded and that's when the demons took the queen in wanting to exchange for Adam.

What is it that the demons seek from Adam? And will they succeed in their plan? Find out in the movie!

This movie started out promising with fast paced action and the storyline getting straight into the fray but as the show progresses, the storyline begins to falter and quickly disintegrates into a nonsensical action movie. By the end of it, it hardly scrapes by on it's storyline. Nevertheless, it's great on it's choreographed fight scenes and amazing CGI. In order to enjoy such a show, just leave your brains behind and take in the action and the effects.

3 stars out of 5.


Tenshi Chn said...

I actually enjoyed the movie alot... I've learnt to leave my brain behind long time when going for movies. lol.

or else it would be like eg;
while watching SALT, she was all clean in the police car scene although she was all covered in rumbled building dust when she left the cathedral bwfore boarding the police car. haha..