Wednesday, February 05, 2014

G-YiTang (聚一堂), USJ 10, Subang Jaya Food Review

When Chinese New Year was looming around the corner, I headed to this place in USJ 10 called G-YiTang  (聚一堂) to try out their steamboat.
USJ10 sure made me had some flashback on my first time around this area. Times had changed. So do people. Anyway, yay to me for being able to make it over here on my own this time around. xD

G-YiTang originally is a restaurant that serves only Dim Sum until they decided to make steamboat available in the evenings as well.

There are quite a wide variety of choices for the steamboat and just looking at it's delectable menu, I can see that I was spoilt for choice.

For the soup base, there are four variations that you can order and that is:
1) Pork Bone Soup
2) Tom Yam Soup
3) Curry Soup
4) Hong Kong Style Century Egg with Chinese Parsley Soup

I opted for 2 soups to try which are the Pork Bone Soup and the Curry Soup:
There were already some flavorful ingredients in the pot of soup making the soup tasty with each slurp. Once it started boiling, I slurped up a spoonful of each to find out how's the taste like. The curry soup no doubt has a nice taste to it but it's a tad on the weak side for me. So that makes the Pork Bone Soup my fave with loads of different flavors from the clear broth bursting in my mouth.

Looking at the menu, I had a hard time choosing what I should go for and so the owner took over to help us out and started recommending out.

There were some appetizers ordered, readily to be consumed while we loaded in some ingredients into the soups awaiting for it to cook.
Some appetizers tried include the Deep Fried Chicken Wing:
Tasty and quite a big wing.

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling:
Not really a fan of shrimps but this taste okay.

Deep Fried Beancurds with Fish Paste:
Soft yet crispy. Quite oily though nice to eat on it's own.

Moving on, some ingredients that we had:

3 Assorted Home Made Meat Balls:

Some nice fresh Choy Sum for my veggie loving friend. LOL. :

Shrimp Dumplings:

Some Needle Mushrooms:

Some Prawns:
Not a prawn person but it looks really fresh.

Some Half Shell Mussels:
These tasted sweet from it's own natural taste and juicy too.

Pork Roll Needle Mushroom:
Well, being rolled together like that didn't do anything because once I dunk it into the soup, it started to separate itself.

There were some lovely, savory meat that I tasted and totally satisfied a meat lover like me.

The Chinese Wine Drumstick was one of my fave:
Even after being cooked in the hot pot of soup, I can still taste the wine in it which is what makes it more delicious.

Smoked Pork Slices:
Bacon! My fave pork meat:

New Zealand Lamb Slices:
Very, very satisfied on how these lamb slices tasted. Simply delectable. ^.^

Pork Slices:
I love pork so an addition here is welcome. LOL.

If you're like me who's indecisive on what to choose, you can actually start off with the steamboat set where a little bit of some stuff is on the plate:
This mixed set costs RM15.80.

There's also this Vege Set:
That costs RM12.80. Love the yam put into the Pork Bone Soup.

G-YiTang is located at:
N0 48, JLN USJ 10/1B, USJ 10, SUBANG JAYA 47610
Open daily from 7.30am - 10pm