Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice, Avenue K, Food Review

Avenue K in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is building up again. After being dormant for as long as I remember with few shops occupying, it barely draws anyone to visit it. As for me, I guess my visit to it was quite recent since Stage club opened up there with a few events going on in there. But before this, I guess it goes way back to 2009 when I went to the Quattro Club Aniversary not counting the numerous times I was downstairs where the KLCC LRT Station is to grab a bite at the food court or at Secret Recipe.

Anyway, Avenue K has sprung up a sort of high class like food court called Taste Enclave:
In it, it already has almost full occupancy of stalls and one of them is taken up by Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice:
Heun Kee Claypot has made it's name at it's restaurant in Pudu and has now expanded here over at Avenue K where the hustle and bustle of KLCC is.

Eager to try how delightful it's claypot rice can be, we patiently waited till the time arrived.

We were first given the soup of the day to warm up our appetites:
This soup is so delicious, I just wanted to drink this all day. So fortunate to have this as the soup for the day as starters. XD

Next we were given some Tofu to further whet our appetite:
I find it so-so. Guess I'm not much of a tofu fan. LOL.

We then moved on to their signature Claypot Chicken Rice:
Priced at RM16 for regular and RM24 for large, add in some garlic vinegar sauce to level up the taste.
The way that they do their claypot rice is using the top bottom method where the charcoals are not only heating up from the bottom but also from the top.
This ensures an all rounded way of heating.

Another appetizer that came our way are the Fried Chicken Wings:
For the price of RM10, it comes with 4 pieces. A little bit on the oily side for me but tasted okay.

Another Claypot Rice that we tasted is the Lap Mei Fan (Claypot Wax Duck):
This ones seasonal though so if the Duck Liver Sausage is not in season, then this dish would not be available. Priced at RM18 for regular and RM38 for large, this one tasted good. The Duck Liver Sausage provided the saltish taste towards the claypot rice and goes well with it.

And finally, we were given the opportunity to try their Thai Tofu:
The sauce on top may look reddish but is not spicy and the nuts on top provided some crunch to it.

This Heun Kee 2nd Outlet is located at Avenue K's Taste Enclave - Level 2. Opened daily since it's considered as a mall.

Monday, February 24, 2014

G-YiTang (聚一堂), USJ 10, Subang Jaya Food Review (Dim Sum Version)

After a fulfilling Steamboat dinner at G-YiTang in late January, I returned to the familiar sight but this time in the morning to try it's delicious dim sum.
Arriving at around 10am, the place was teeming with hungry diners eager to consume some dim sum for their breakfast.

Our table too can't wait to taste what G-YiTang had to offer for it's dim sum.

Over on weekends where the crowds throng, the dim sums at G-YiTang are usually pushed on carts to their patrons while on a weekday, you can order it and get it straight from the kitchen which will see a little heighten in it's taste and presentation. Nevertheless, both are made from great fresh ingredients.

Here are some of the dim sums that were savored by us during the feast.

This one's Chives Dumpling with XO Sauce:
Nice big pieces of dumplings. Tasted more of shrimp taste than chives though so the star taste of this I would say would be the shrimp more. I guess that's probably because of the generous topping of dry shrimp on top along with shrimps inside the dumplings as well.

Steamed Spareribs with Yam:
I'm impressed. It looks exactly like the photo in their menu. LOL.
The spareribs were nice and juicy and flavorful enough even though it's steamed.

Shrimp Dumplings with Scallops:
The fresh shrimps provided some crunch to it while the scallops provided taste to it. So did the other ingredients.

Delicious but the problem I have with spareribs are bones are always too big. But then again, it is spareribs.

Shrimp Dumplings with Angelica Soup:
The soup, as expected, has a herbal taste to it and having the shrimp dumpling in there, well, that's your wanton. LOL. Anyway, unlike the earlier version which is with scallops, since this is submerged in the soup, the shrimp does not provide the crunch but just your normal chewy type.

Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gaw):
These are what you normally get at dim sum restaurants. Anyway, this is the same. Taste-wise okay.

Shang Hai Juicy Dumplings (Xiao Long Pao):
It may not be the best Xiao Long Pao that I've tasted but not the worse. It didn't have that nice soup bursting in your mouth kind but putting it on a spoon was a clever idea to retain the soup for you to consume with the dumpling. However, I do wish it would have better retained the soup inside the dumpling.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun:
Nice texture on the bun and good portion of the BBQ pork with the bun but wish that the BBQ pork bun would stand out more in taste.

Baked Pineapple Buns:
Didn't try this though so can't really comment on it. LOL.

BBQ Pork Pastry:
Also didn't try this but I gather it should be similar in taste with the Baked BBQ Pork Bun just probably with a sweeter taste along with sesame seeds on top.

Egg Tart:
Taste okay. Not as smooth and creamy as the best I've tasted but it does pass off fine.

Siew Mai with Fish Roe:
Not bad. Good to even eat it on it's own without any condiments involved.

Don't know what's this called but I guess it's some Shrimp Siew Mai:
It's also another delicacy that is good to be eaten on it's own without any condiments involved.

Creamy Custard Bun:
When they say creamy, they're not kidding. It is really creamy. Once it's opened up, the custard from the inside just oozes out and best to eat it hot.

Deep Fried Sesame Balls:
This too is simply delicious.
Inside contains of black sesame paste fillings and is certainly a delight that feels like dessert to me. Just awesome!

Rice Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun):
Despite being full, I just gotta eat this as I simply adore Chee Cheong Fun. And it didn't disappoint me. Nice and smooth and gravy enough to cover the rice rolls bases.

There's another unique version of it too and that I believe is with egg!:
It provides some yellowness to the rice roll and roughens it a bit and the taste is uniquely enhanced where it sweetens the taste. A refreshing new twist to it but doesn't really drown out the original Rice Roll taste away.

There were many other items that we savored but I'll leave you to discover them there. :)

Their dim sum is available throughout the day even though they focus on steamboat more during the night. But then again, dim sum is best eaten as breakfast/brunch and steamboat in the night. :)

G-YiTang is located at:
N0 48, JLN USJ 10/1B, USJ 10, SUBANG JAYA 47610
Open daily from 7.30am - 10pm

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I, Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review

Genre: Action
Language: English
Starring:  Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
Story (may contain spoilers!):
The tale of Frankenstein is a very familiar one where I, Frankenstein starts off the same. A mad scientist name Victor Frankenstein stitch together corpses with various functioning parts and jolts it to life. After finding that his creation is an abomination, he tries to get rid of it killing it. But the creature survived and exact revenge upon Victor Frankenstein by killing his newfound wife.

Victor, driven by rage, seek out his creation to kill it once and for all but succumbed to the cold and froze to death. The creature, whereupon was known in it's fables as Frankenstein, buried his creator and thought that was the end of it.

While burying his creator, demons approached him and ambushed him but Frankenstein proved strong and fend off many. Later on, 2 gargoyles emerged to help him fend off the demons to which they rendered Frankenstein unconscious and took him back to the gargoyles sanctuary to find out what he is and why the demons want him.

When Frankenstein awakens, the gargoyle queen, Leonore, questions him but was unable to get an answer from him. However, the gargoyles knew about him and was confirmed from the journal of Victor Frankenstein found in the pocket of Victor's trenchcoat. Although soulless, seeing the potential of having a soul, Leonore release Frankenstein and named him Adam. They invited Adam to join in the fight between Gargoyles and Demons seeing he was already sucked into the battle but Adam refuse and revert back to his bitter self and being alone again.

Exiting the gargoyles' sanctuary, Adam went away as far as possible to escape from the demons. But being even to the far corners of the earth, the demons still seek him out and hunt for him. Pretty soon, Adam turn the tables on the demons. Instead of them hunting for him, he started hunting for demons.

After about 200 years later, Adam returned back to the city where he first encountered the gargoyles and the demons and was closing in on finding out where the demon king is. The gargoyles abducted Adam back to their place again and this time, Leonore is furious for she sees that she has unleashed a monster and am planning to destroy Adam.

But during the duration of Adam being in custody, the demons with all their army attack the gargoyles' sanctuary in order to get to Adam. The gargoyles fought off the demons as much as possible and decided to release Adam from custody to fend for himself too. While battling the demons, the gargoyles had left their queen unguarded and that's when the demons took the queen in wanting to exchange for Adam.

What is it that the demons seek from Adam? And will they succeed in their plan? Find out in the movie!

This movie started out promising with fast paced action and the storyline getting straight into the fray but as the show progresses, the storyline begins to falter and quickly disintegrates into a nonsensical action movie. By the end of it, it hardly scrapes by on it's storyline. Nevertheless, it's great on it's choreographed fight scenes and amazing CGI. In order to enjoy such a show, just leave your brains behind and take in the action and the effects.

3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Carlsberg BPL Viewing Party & Price of Passion 2 Launch

Fresh from the CNY holidays, on a Saturday evening, Carlsberg Malaysia threw a BPL viewing party where the BPL giants, Liverpool and Arsenal go head to head with each other.

The viewing party was held at Movida in Kota Damansara where on that occasion, they launched their 'Price of Passion 2' challenge as well to enable fans the opportunity to have a totally rewarding VIP experience of which they will be able to watch their favorite team in a live match all the way in UK later this season.

'Price of Passion 1' winner, Low Kah Wai related his experience on his all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to watch his favorite BPL team, the Gunners, in action at Old Trafford against Manchester United.
He said,"It was truly an awesome experience. We were picked up by a friendly Carlsberg brand ambassador at the airport, chauffeured to a trendy hotel in the city and served meals fit for football legends. Being escorted every step of the way made us feel like stars or Hollywood celebrities, it was an experience fit for a VIP. The challenge that I took on for my favorite team was well worth it and Carlsberg made it all possible."

Besides the 'Price of Passion 2', there were also exclusive signed Arsenal and Liverpool merchandise being distributed where fans participated and won.

Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said,"As the official beer of the Premier League, we are privileged to have the rights, access and network that allow us to bring unique experiences to Malaysian fans."
"'Price of Passion' is one way and we will continue to bring Carlsberg and football lovers more memorable and rewarding moments. Our position as the BPL's official beer allows us to engage with our consumers and share their passion for the beautiful game."

As for the game between Liverpool vs Arsenal, it quickly shot off into an exhilarating whitewashed match. LOL. Just within 20 minutes into the game, Liverpool was already leading Arsenal 4 to nothing!
The rest of the match merely sees Arsenal's futile effort in trying to get through Liverpool's defense as they slowed down the pace by playing defensive in maintaining their lead. The game ended with Liverpool scoring 5 goals and Arsenal having 1 on a penalty kick.

This brought much joy to the surrounding Liverpool fans as they celebrated the night away:
For more info on Carlsberg's 'Price of Passion 2' contest, visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

G-YiTang (聚一堂), USJ 10, Subang Jaya Food Review

When Chinese New Year was looming around the corner, I headed to this place in USJ 10 called G-YiTang  (聚一堂) to try out their steamboat.
USJ10 sure made me had some flashback on my first time around this area. Times had changed. So do people. Anyway, yay to me for being able to make it over here on my own this time around. xD

G-YiTang originally is a restaurant that serves only Dim Sum until they decided to make steamboat available in the evenings as well.

There are quite a wide variety of choices for the steamboat and just looking at it's delectable menu, I can see that I was spoilt for choice.

For the soup base, there are four variations that you can order and that is:
1) Pork Bone Soup
2) Tom Yam Soup
3) Curry Soup
4) Hong Kong Style Century Egg with Chinese Parsley Soup

I opted for 2 soups to try which are the Pork Bone Soup and the Curry Soup:
There were already some flavorful ingredients in the pot of soup making the soup tasty with each slurp. Once it started boiling, I slurped up a spoonful of each to find out how's the taste like. The curry soup no doubt has a nice taste to it but it's a tad on the weak side for me. So that makes the Pork Bone Soup my fave with loads of different flavors from the clear broth bursting in my mouth.

Looking at the menu, I had a hard time choosing what I should go for and so the owner took over to help us out and started recommending out.

There were some appetizers ordered, readily to be consumed while we loaded in some ingredients into the soups awaiting for it to cook.
Some appetizers tried include the Deep Fried Chicken Wing:
Tasty and quite a big wing.

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling:
Not really a fan of shrimps but this taste okay.

Deep Fried Beancurds with Fish Paste:
Soft yet crispy. Quite oily though nice to eat on it's own.

Moving on, some ingredients that we had:

3 Assorted Home Made Meat Balls:

Some nice fresh Choy Sum for my veggie loving friend. LOL. :

Shrimp Dumplings:

Some Needle Mushrooms:

Some Prawns:
Not a prawn person but it looks really fresh.

Some Half Shell Mussels:
These tasted sweet from it's own natural taste and juicy too.

Pork Roll Needle Mushroom:
Well, being rolled together like that didn't do anything because once I dunk it into the soup, it started to separate itself.

There were some lovely, savory meat that I tasted and totally satisfied a meat lover like me.

The Chinese Wine Drumstick was one of my fave:
Even after being cooked in the hot pot of soup, I can still taste the wine in it which is what makes it more delicious.

Smoked Pork Slices:
Bacon! My fave pork meat:

New Zealand Lamb Slices:
Very, very satisfied on how these lamb slices tasted. Simply delectable. ^.^

Pork Slices:
I love pork so an addition here is welcome. LOL.

If you're like me who's indecisive on what to choose, you can actually start off with the steamboat set where a little bit of some stuff is on the plate:
This mixed set costs RM15.80.

There's also this Vege Set:
That costs RM12.80. Love the yam put into the Pork Bone Soup.

G-YiTang is located at:
N0 48, JLN USJ 10/1B, USJ 10, SUBANG JAYA 47610
Open daily from 7.30am - 10pm