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Savaro by Felda, Publika, Sri Hartamas Food Review

Before I visited this restaurant, I never knew Felda did restaurants.

The Savaro that I visited was located at the maze-like shopping place called Publika, Sri Hartamas.
Savaro by Felda will be opening outlets at other locations around Malaysia and am planning to open one in Korea soon as well!

By strokes of luck, I manage to find the restaurant without any difficulties. There's this big signboard hanging up there that affirms that I'm walking in the right direction as well.
However, the front of the restaurant had a really tiny signboard that is almost block by those giant pillar where before spotting it, I was unsure whether I've arrived at my destination or not.
The seating were mostly outdoorsy kinda feel while the inside that's air-conditioned had very limited capacity with a cramped walkway that leads to it past the open kitchen.
Anyway, let's get on with the food that we savored.
Started off with some Tomato Bruschetta as appetizers:
A nice mix of vegetables with tomatoes being the main on top of a garlic bread that's crisp enough making it a good start to continue on with other things to come.

Savaro by Felda being a restaurant that serves a mixture of Western and Asian cuisines later brought up a plate of Roti Jala with Curry Chicken:
A nice subtle yet intricate presentation on the plating in fact on all it's dishes, not only this one. The Roti Jala were much limper than I expected but that didn't differ in texture than other Roti Jala that I've tasted before. The main thing about Roti Jala is that it must be accompanied by a great curry to go well with it, otherwise the dish will not work. The curry chicken that came with it here was flavorful and thick enough to stick to it but may require a bigger portion for some who like a lot of curry on their Roti Jala.

Charred Prawn Mango Salad:
I'm not a salad person so I don't have much comment on this other than it's dressed enough and refreshing enough.

Ciabatta Melts:
Like the name suggests, Ciabatta bread topped with some vegetables, if I'm not mistaken, there's some turkey ham in there as well? And obviously, on the top, cheese.

For drinks, I had the Kiwi Yogurt.
As you know, it's hard to get a lot Kiwi that is sweet enough by it's own and this drink just shows it. No doubt there are real kiwis in this drink but I mostly taste artificial sweetness with kiwi extracts in it. I guess it's okay on the whole.

Mushroom Soup:
Thick and creamy. Nice flavor and smooth on the palate. A great soup.

Cream of Soup - Broccoli:
Also thick and creamy. Not as flavorful as the mushroom soup but still good.

Tarragon Grilled Chicken Sandwich:
A simple combination of grilled chicken on top of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes and some onions. The chicken was a little too dry for me but probably because it sat there for quite awhile before being consumed.

Nasi Briyani Lamb:
Basmathi rice served some poppadom and the lamb as the protein. Lamb was savory and tender. Overall to me it was okay.

Nasi Lemak Pandan:
I quite like this dish - particularly it's Pandan Chicken. Although being sat there for some time especially with an air conditioning unit directly above blasting downwards, the chicken being wrapped in the pandan leave was really it's saving grace. When I unwrapped it, the steam and the aroma of the chicken immediately jumped out of it. I gleefully shredded a piece to taste and had to say that it tasted good. Tender and very much still moist and hot. Can't say if the others manage to taste what I had tasted because after the cruel cool air attacking it and them taking it later on, I definitely can say it won't be as good as before.

Here we have the Savaro Noodles:
Took the opportunity to be the first to attack this well presented dish and at first bite, the noodles were nice and the broth that went along with it was somewhat sweet and spicy. But after hearing comments from the others after they tasted it, I took another go at the dish and that's where I find the bottom of this food where the gravy is to be oddly sweet which makes it taste funny. Hope they can improve on the soup of the dish.

This is Nasi Goreng Selasih:
Another one with a pandan wrapped chicken! The Keropok that's served with the dish provides a nice crunch to the dish. Rice is fried properly but lacks a little bit of taste. Still it's good enough and not that bad. Just that I wanted a little more flavor on the fried rice.

With the meal almost complete, we moved on to desserts.

Started with some Sago Gula Melaka:
Which you may need to add a lot of Gula Melaka to give the sago there a proper sweetness to it.

Then there's Lompat Tikam:
Something new and unfamiliar to me which I've never been introduced before but the Malays seemed to be very acquainted to it. It is though a taste that I'm familiar with that I find in the kuihs I've eaten before but I've never eaten it with Gula Melaka in my life. They may like it with a very generous helping of the coconut palm syrup with it but I like it just enough to cover the dessert.

And last but not least, the best dessert and dish in this restaurant, Pengat Pisang:
It's basically a banana puree; sweet banana poached in syrup. The dessert may be sweet but my god, it's heavenly. Unlike the Kiwi Yogurt which I tasted mostly artificial sweetness, in this dessert I can taste the sweet essence of the banana along with the syrup. This dessert was so incredibly delicious that I couldn't put my spoon down. It's so addictive to keep eating it and eating it and eating it. A must try in this restaurant.

As mentioned before, Savaro by Felda will be opening other branches as well. As for this one at Sri Hartamas, it's located at:
A3-G2-09, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open daily from 10am - 11pm


umi said...

follow sini dear

Savaro said...

Thanks for the great review for Savaro, we hope you enjoy the food there. We have new menu, do come again. See another review here:

Funny2046 said...

I agree, Savaro definitely a great restaurant with yummy food.

Chelvam Rengasamy said...

It is closed for business. So much money spend...and now closed. Was it a good idea for Felda to go into this in the first place?