Saturday, January 11, 2014

Play Together Party - Playboy Condom Launch & The Rabbit Hole Opening

Sometime back in December, I traverse through the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang to arrive at a new place called The Rabbit Hole:
Having rained earlier and was starting to slightly drizzle again, I hurriedly enter the premise to eagerly get my drink. The night was filled with free flow drinks and some canap├ęs to satisfy the hungry ones but as for me, I've already filled myself up before proceeding here.

The night was not only about the opening of this establishment named The Rabbit Hole but it's also to celebrate the launch of Playboy Condoms being available at all Watsons Stores nationwide.
I navigated my way around to familiarize myself in this seemingly congested place.
There's basically 4 different areas in the ground floor of The Rabbit Hole.
1) Bamboo Forest where the Alfresco stage and semi fine dining area is located.
2) The Translate Art Bar:
Where as you can see, there's some Graffiti art at the wall there.
3) The Green Room
Looks like it's the same Heineken Green Room concept. This room is hidden behind wooden doors accessible beside the bar. Heard that the DJ set area there can come out from there. Maybe I was drunk. LOL.
4) The Arthur's Lounge
Which is a tribute to Arthur Guinness also called the Gentlemen's Club. Didn't venture in there though. It's on the other room opposite of The Green Room also behind closed wooden doors.

There's also 2 other levels above this area which wasn't open then where the Level above this is a private club while the level above that is a rooftop pool bar called Santorini.

So the night featured some bunnies dancing:
And of course also Malaysia's (retired) Playboy Bunny Felixia Yeap and some other bunnies and hunks featuring Playboy Condoms:
And some games from some participants:
Where they had to strike some sexy pose with their partner bunnies and hunks. Special prizes include limited edition gold foil playing cards that's made specially for this event. By that time, I just stuck around chatting with some of my friends while drinking beer and then headed on home. This place do seem a little interesting and I might visit again next time to have a look at their Rooftop Pool Bar.


foongpc said...

Never been to this place! You like to drink eh? :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yup. But should slow down liao. Else, that would be the demise of me. LOL.