Saturday, January 25, 2014

Downtown KLIA Seafood Restaurant, Sepang Food Review

So far, in my life, I've only reviewed 2 Chinese Muslim restaurants. The 1st time wasn't all that great and the second time was plausible and now I've decided to try this one out called Downtown KLIA Seafood Restaurant although located far from me at Sepang:
The owner of the restaurant is Prof. Dr. Abu Talib Othman and the chef and saucier are very Chinese type of people.

Before heading on there, I made a detour to 1 Utama in order to receive my tickets to the movie Ah Beng: Mission Impossible because the friend that I've assigned to collect my passes proved unreliable. Upon arrival, the big red signboard in that small little commercial center area that looks more like a small town was highly visible despite being on the far end of the corner and hard to miss as you enter the premise.

I arrived just in time to find everyone with their cameras ready to snap some photos of the abundance of food laid out on the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table so I too, started getting down to business and whipped out my camera and later on stuff my face with the dishes in front of me when the photo taking was done.

The Sizzling Seafood dish:
Loads of vegetables in there mixed with some squid. Tomatoes onions and the likes.
Comes in 3 sizes, Small for RM30.90, Medium for RM49 and Large for RM66.

"Volcano" Beancurd:
Lovely texture on the beancurd as I sliced through it with a spoon. Bouncy and egg-like texture.
Comes in a standard size for RM30.90.

The Spicy Four Vegetables:
In Chinese restaurants, you can usually find these mixture of vegetables dubbed the Four Heavenly Kings. In this restaurants, the vegetables used are Petai (Stink Beans), Long Beans, Brinjal and Ladies Fingers (Okra). Anything with petai on it is an automatic win for me because I love petai. XD
This place though, their petais are smaller than the ones I'm used to. Anyway, the combination of these vegetables can hardly go wrong and despite it's name, it's not all that spicy even with some chillies thrown in the mix.

Kailan with Oyster Sauce:
Always love the taste of Kailan with Oyster Sauce especially when the oyster sauce is strong. This one's like the rest of the Chinese restaurant. Clear taste and definitely no deviation of how the Chinese restaurants cook it.

Butter Prawns:
I'm not really a fan of prawns but I took some to try. Rich in taste with a little salty taste in it. Not bad. Costs RM14 per 100 gram.

Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion:
This dish also taste exactly how it should taste like at Chinese restaurants. Beef being tender enough and the clear cut taste of the spring onion with just a tinge of ginger taste to zest it up. Just the way I like it.

Mushrooms with Broccoli:
A simple dish combination but proven to work. The way it's cooked here is no exception. Mushrooms were nice and the broccoli adding some vibrant freshness to it.

Kam Heong Clams:
This proves to be a bit too spicy for some but of course to me, I can eat spicy. The Kam Heong taste is nice but somehow, it tasted different from the normal Chinese restaurants. Nevertheless, it's okay if you can handle spicy.

Deep Fried Squid Salted Egg:
This is the fave dish for all the Malay bloggers in the group. It's chewy with a little crisp on the batter and little bit of salted egg taste. Comes in Small (RM22.90), Medium (RM35.90), and Large (RM47.90) form.

Mongolian Chicken:
Nice presentation on it. Chicken could be a little bit more tender, then it would be perfect for me. Taste-wise still good. Small for RM18.90, Medium for RM26.90 and Large for RM35.90.

Creamer Butter Crab:
Sauce is light and clear. Goes well highlighting the crab. Costs RM7 per 100 gram.

And finally, the Assam Steamed Fish:
My favorite dish of all in this restaurant. I love the Assam sauce so much, I can eat bucket loads of it with rice.

Also a noteworthy item is this drink called the Kedondong Assam Boi Juice:
I would say a little less sugar would be perfect because of the sour plums natural sweetness permeating the liquid but this is a really delicious and refreshing drink that I couldn't stop drinking.

The full address of this place is:
No.B40-B48, Block B, Jalan KLIA 1/60, Charterfield Commercial Centre, KLIA, 64000 Sepang, Malaysia
Tel: 03-8783 1031