Monday, January 20, 2014

CNY (Chinese New Year) 2014 Media Launch from Carlsberg

Welcome to the year of the horse!
Okay, so not yet but going to be soon!

Had a funtastic time at Carlsberg's CNY campaign launch that's held all the way at the Selangor Turf Club at 11:11am on January 11:
Despite having some events here before that I was asked to join, I have refrained from it until that day. So this is my first time visiting this horse race track place.
Surprised that I managed to arrive at the place at such an early time but like one of the person said, what's new? LOL.

Since I'm early and have yet to participate in my breakfast ritual, I immediately look around to see what's good to fill me up. Finally settled for some duck to go with my Carlsberg:
The rest are traditional Chinese candies that I haven't eaten for quite a long while.
This includes the Ting Ting Candy (also known as the knock knock candy) and the Sticky Cake:
Some Art Candy:
And some Muah Chee and Dragon's Beard Candy:
There's also some Calligraphy Art being done if you want:
So then, it was onwards to the start of the event!
It was filled with pomp and ceremony that started with the arrival of Carlsberg Malaysia MD Henrik Juel Andersen in a horse-drawn chariot to the beat of Chinese drums followed by the appearance of eight "Fook Gods" (Gods of Prosperity) and a riveting lion dance performance by multiple world-champion troupe, Kun Seng Keng Dragon Lion Dance Association.
For the Carlsberg 2014 CNY Campaign, it will run from December 16, 2013 - February 14, 2014.
There will be more than 80,000 prizes in ang pows and other giveaways up for grabs.
Tier 1 consists of 30 cash prizes of RM8,888
Tier 2 consists of 3000 cash prizes of RM388
Tier 3 consists of 80,000 bottles of Asahi Super Dry
For further info, head on to Carlsberg Facebook Page to find out or at

After the big official ceremony was launched and a few rounds of chatter, it was time for the lucky draw where you could win RM88, RM8 or some merchandise. And lucky me managed to get RM8. :D

With that, we then proceeded inside Hest Bar and Kitchen where buffet lunch was served and we sit in the comfort of the air conditioned place while I stare at the TV screens where the horse races that are up for bet were televised.

Since I was given 2 RM5 betting coupons, I decided to make full use of it by betting on a horse. Being my first time and had no idea on how the system works, I decided to gather some info from my friend on how to go about betting on horse races. I was told to just pick a number of the horse where a piece of paper detailing about the horse and the chances of winning was shoved at my hand.

Seeing the race was about to start, I hurriedly just simply point to number 4 on the paper to the guy at the counter.
I watched with eagerness on the TV screen (cause too lazy to go out into the hot sun to watch. LOL) and it was super confusing which is which because I couldn't see the horse numbers clearly. When the race ended, I still had no idea who had won. After 3 instant replays later, I was smiling from ear to ear as I've noticed that my horse had won!
I don't even know what's the horse's name but thank you for winning me some free money. Haha. Gave me a winner's high for 2 days straight. Total cash won = RM195 from horse betting. Beginner's luck~!


foongpc said...

That Candy Art - what is that round thing with all the animals sign on it?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I guess that's a Zodiac chart