Monday, December 23, 2013

Somersby Brunch Club, Signature at The Roof, 1 Avenue, Bandar Utama

Weekends are the days that are great for brunches where corporate workers (especially those who are single like me) tend to wake up later than the normal working weekdays to rejuvenate their energies and give their bodies a well needed rest from the tiring work life.

On one of the lazy Sunday afternoons, I ecstatically head on down to Signature at The Roof in 1 Avenue, Bandar Utama where they were hosting for the Somersby Brunch Club.
But this is not going to be a normal Sunday brunch, ooooh no. You'll find out later on.

I arrived very early and was the second person to have arrived. LOL. Since it is my first time in here, I walked around and checked out the place.

Inside, it has 2 sides of the bar 1 being on a darker end where the long bar is situated:
And the other side is very bright with rays of sunshine streaming in from almost a 270 degrees angle.
That day was having the sun on occasion hiding among the clouds but come 1.30pm onwards, the sun was in it's full glory streaming in. Thank god for tinted glass. LOL.
That side also contains loads of mirror walls.
And is a very spacious place.
There's also an outdoor balcony where smokers like to congregate which has a nice view of the surrounding neighborhood.
Before brunch was served, there's a game to try out where you're required to stack 5 apples where if successful, you'll be presented with a dining voucher.
Pretty soon, lunch was served and feeling adventurous, I decided to go for the Niçoise Beef Tartare because I've never had raw beef before and decided to see how it taste like.
The beef was nicely chopped and seasoned to perfection while the other ingredients on top of it like quail's egg, alfalfa, olive, bread all provided more of a crunch than a taste to the beef tartar but was delectable. The dabs of sauces which I think it's olive oil and some tartar sauce and vinaigrette. It provided some acidity to the dish but I still prefer to eat the beef tartar without the sauce.

I pinched some of the Big Breakfast that is nearby to had a taste:
Loved the poached eggs, lightly seasoned which let's the egg flavor shine through. Dipping the beef tartar with the egg yolk provided an nice unique taste to it!

As mentioned earlier, this is no ordinary brunch session's a one of a kind kitchen musical!
Jeremy Teo of Red FM not only will prepare a Niçoise Beef Tartare but will also be singing to the beat of Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song in Somersby fashion!:
With the help of Malaysian singer songwriter Chelsia Ng:
Eugene Lim, Brand Manager of Somersby Apple Cider commented,"The concept of brunch club is to create a new drinking occasion, an ideal platform for consumers to try and enjoy the refreshing taste of cider while having their meal in a relaxing ambiance during brunch. We've learned more about our consumers and their likings for cider through our interactions with them by offering them a unique cider and food pairing. Since its introduction in July last year, we are pleased that Somersby Apple Cider has performed above expectations and now becoming the country's fastest selling cider."

Jeremy Teo's creation:
In addition, coinciding with the coming Christmas festivity, Somersby Apple Cider will call for its lovers and supporters to buy a book for charity and exchange it for a bottle of Somersby Apple Cider at Pavilion KL, Level 3 Fashion Avenue from 13th to 26th December 2013.
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Tekkaus said...

The food looks ok but the place is great. Ample space. :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's huge. The food is nice. Fine dining material. :D