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KLIMS13 - Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013

Due to other commitments clashing, I missed out on the first weekend of the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013. Initially never thought about visiting it at all since I'm not good in cars but after an official invitation from Volkswagen Malaysia to visit their booth, my interest and curiosity was sparked and hence made the determination to head on down during it's final week of the motor show.
The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show is held every 2-4 years and this is the 8th time it has been presented with the previous years being 1980, 1984, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2010 and now 2013.

For this years KLIMS13, it was held at the Putra World Trade Centre and the duration of the exhibition ran from 15-24 November 2013.

The theme this year is Efficiency In Motion.

During my presence there, it was around 11am and already the place was packed with car enthusiasts and visitors alike. It has been recorded an increasing number of visitors per day when KLIMS13 entered it's final days with Day 7 receiving a count of 23,868 visitors totaling the amount of visitors from the opening day till Day 7 = 134,117.

First thing that could be seen once entering into the Hall 2 was the displays by Lexus. I struggled with camera battery problems even during the early stages of my visit and had to occasionally settle with some blurry and dark pics that were taken from my mobile phone camera so apologies for the not so clear photos on some.
The Lexus LFA was their highlight car of them all.
Other cars that were on display by Lexus were the LS460 Luxury:
With 4608cc, 8-speed AT transmission shift and 19" Alloy wheels.
The ES250:
Dual VVT-i engine with 2494cc and 6-speed AT transmission shift, 17" Aluminium wheel.
Nice cozy interior and a great Electronic Multi-Vision (EMV) display in the middle with a unique interior design that looks spectacular.
And the RX350 F Sport:
Love the Elegant look of the car design. It's engine is a Dual VVT-i engine that has 3,456cc and a 6-Speed transmission shift. A nice arrowhead like shaped front spoiler and looking almost like the Bentley kind at the front which I find attractive.

Right across from the Lexus booth setup is the Toyota booth.
The Toyota had a Catwalk Showtime during the period I was there and they showcase their bevy of beauties ala Car Show Models:
Which led to a Lifestyle Presentation show after that explaining their concept and efficiency towards the ecosystem through an interaction from the presenter with the big screen:
The highlight car from Toyota's booth comes in the form of the NS4:
The Toyota NS4 has a futuristic look on it's front and it's a Plug-in Hybrid Concept designed to be environmentally friendly with advanced safety feature. A Plug-in Hybrid is a car that uses rechargeable batteries or another storage device that can fully charged through an external electrical power source. It's equipped with a 2.0 liter engine.

The rest of Toyota's repertoire showcase cars are such as the Vios TRD Sportivo which is widely known in the market:
The MPV Previa (which is coming out in the market soon):
A closer look at the engine:
And a concept car that's called the Fun-Vii where it has a digital skin on it:
To know more about the Fun-Vii, check out the video below:

As for their Camry Hybrid, well, they do have a really pretty looking model posing there. LOL.
I went behind from Hall 2 and into Hall 1 and in there were some of the big car players there as well.
Over right at the front was a booth on Ecotint showcasing a sporty looking car:
What captured my attention most in this hall is the Infiniti brand exhibition. Their sophisticated, sleek, stylish range of cars has Ang moh (Caucasians) models don in elegant sleeveless black dress blends in well so as to not outshine the cars but rather just blend in.

Some of the cars featured were the Q50:
The Q70:
And the QX70:
Joey G was the spokesperson on elaborating on their cars.
Adjacent to Infiniti was Honda.
Their concept car on display, the Evster:
A little peek of the interior:
To host their lifestyle presentation, Julie Woon was the presenter for Honda.

Moving along, other exhibitors at this hall, Isuzu which had their D-Max series the highlight. Their photo booth was a hit with people having to line up to get a shot and their picture:
I must say, the girls at Isuzu captured my attention more than their cars/trucks/4WDs do. LOL.
Sorry, blurry shots. I don't have steady hands when it comes to pretty girls and phone cameras. LOL.
Aside from that, they also displayed a wicked looking engine of theirs:
Along with the many car exhibitions, there's also this tinting company called Sahara-X displaying their First Class tinting display on a BMW. I just find this woman classy as well, which inspired me to take a photo. LOL. I feel so lecherous now. >.<
Some other car brands in the hall, Nissan.
They have this customized playful looking Almera on display which attracted some kids there. :D
And the Note:
Okay, so I was concentrating on the model more. Don't look at me like that people on that big screen behind. Especially, not with the sweetyoungmalaysiangirls/Dustyhawk/Lionel Goh/Serge Norguard thing so fresh in the news. Haha

Subaru had a very long booth at the hall. Things of highlight to me, the Subaru XV:
The Subaru BRZ:
A showcase of the BRZ's architecture:
After Hall 1, I proceeded off to Hall 3.
In Hall 3, it seems a little chaotic in there and don't seem to be as organized. I stopped on by the Peugeot booth since I do quite like their cars. They had the 2008 Urban SUV on a pedestal which will be available early next year:
Priced to be around RM118k and with auto park-assist system.
Boot area:
It has 6 air bags and contains an interactive 7" HD touch screen display in the middle.
Some of the models showcased at Peugeot. RCZ:
Peugeot 208 GTi:
508 GT:
Citroen right next to Peugeot having the DS3:
And their concept car, Numero 9:
For motoring fanatics of the aftermarket & modified cars, the Malaysia International Auto Salon held for the 1st time at KLIMS13 announced the winners for their Open Standard and Open Extreme competition as well as the "Best of the Best" prize and "Most Voted" Prize.
3M intrigued me with their wrap instead of paint to customize your car color! A wrap to protect your original car paint. :P
If you feel it, it may felt like a slight difference from just a car paint but it looks fantastic on it.
Here are the color codes that are available:

By the time I'm done with the hall, it was getting quite late and I had to go so that I can make it to the next event so I gave the upstairs Dewan Merdeka where Ford and Hyundai was displaying a miss.

I'll be posting up on Volkswagen Malaysia's display on the next post, so stay tune!


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Sometimes I dunno if guys go there to see cars or the girls... Macam the BMW wan. The girl made you stay longer there didnt she? LoL..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Erm, to tell you honestly, I feel guys go there to see the girls more than cars. LOL.
I initially just went there to see the cars but some of the girls there do attract me. Especially the Isuzu booth. XD

Tekkaus said...

so motorshop is also the time they show chicks. Haha :D

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Technically, yes. LOL

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