Friday, December 27, 2013

Firestorm (2013) Movie Review

Genre: Action
Language: Cantonese (Well, the version I saw was that language)
Starring: Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam
 Story (may contain spoilers!):
To Sing Pong (played by Gordon Lam) was freshly released from prison and in the past had made a promise to his girlfriend, Yin Bing (played by Yao Chen), to leave his criminal ways behind and start afresh with a clean slate together with his girlfriend. He initially looks as if he's heading towards the triads car and accepting their offer but closed the car door and headed towards his girlfriend.

Inspector Lui (played by Andy Lau) is a very dedicated police officer and will stop at nothing even if it risks his life in order to capture those responsible for their heinous crimes.

Inspector Lui led his team to an operation following a tip off that an armored security car will be hijacked for the money inside. On their way to the crime scene, the heist was already taking place with the confident hijackers doing it without mercy and with heavy weaponry. The police team had a shootout with the criminals but seemed to be at the losing end. That's where Inspector Lui came in and gave the upper hand back to the cops. The criminals were desperate and decided to take a person hostage and mentions that they'll shoot her should the police not back down and allow them to escape. Inspector Lui came to the scene taken the criminal holding a hostage by surprise and that gave an opportunity for one of the policeman to react and shoot the criminal freeing the hostage. But unbeknownst to the police team, out of nowhere, To Sing Pong rammed his car at Inspector Lui giving back the upper hand to the criminals where the criminal shot the hostage dead. In turn, the criminals fled the scene where the police were unable to give chase.

The story then unfolded with To Sing Pong being held custody to find out whether he's working for the criminals. It turns out, him and the Inspector were both classmates in school where To Sing Pong always bested him. Unable to find any evidence connecting him as an accomplice, they let him go. Inspector Lui was very certain that the man behind the daring crimes were gang overlord Cho Nam (played by Hu Jun) and worked his team hard in order to gather evidence enough to convict him.

Next, the police received another tip off of an arms deal or something in some flat. This time, To Sing Pong was one of the person working closely keeping watch. The police tried their best to keep their operation covert but in the end were discovered. This leads to a lot of action and later on having To Sing Pong in a mask dishing it out against Inspector Lui. In the end, To Sing Pong managed to get away but Inspector Lui has already suspected that is him.

The movie took on a surprising twist later on and had a queer ending.

This is a show that's a cross between Jackie Chan's Police Story and Infernal Affairs but unlike Jackie Chan, Andy Lau is no martial arts fighter so don't expect fast pace fighting and good choreograph fights but do expect quite a number of actions. Also, unlike Infernal Affairs, the drama that unfolds isn't as spectacular and immerse the audience in the scenarios but do expect it to hold it's own dramatic moments in the movie.
No doubt it may seem crazy on how the hero and villain manage to survive all odds but this keeps the action and story alive. Else, it would need to have a very different approach to it. LOL.

It's quite an entertaining watch. Love the action, love the drama. Nuff said. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.