Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cupcakes from Rolling Pin

Hey yo, how's everybody's Christmas celebration?
As for me, I slept the whole of Christmas away. LOL.

Anyway, had a nice, surprise Christmas cupcakes present courtesy of Rolling Pin:
These cupcakes are made from scratch and contains no preservatives whatsoever.
The fondant on top and the icing below is home made and currently for the base flavoring, there are vanilla butter, chocolate and red velvet for the cupcakes.

I scoffed it down and I find the cupcakes texture quite fluffy but firm and buttery and the fondant and icing gummy but the right amount of sweetness for me. :)
The cupcakes come in 3 forms of size which are:
Small - RM4
Standard - RM5 and
Large - RM6
Those that you see in this blog are all in small size.
Santa says "Hi!", I think. I don't know what's the Santa doing but he certainly wasn't edible. I don't fancy eating a bearded fat man, anyway. LOL.
Naw, just joking. The Santa here is quite cute and don't look that chubby. XD

Prices vary depending on the size of the cupcake required, the quantity ordered and the type of design (if specified).

For further information and designs visit any of their pages:
Instagram: @rollingpin90
Website (in the works):

To enquire/book, call Jolene at 017-3095020


Connie Lam said...

i thought the santa was made by icing sugar and edible lol

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Nope. She even warned me not to eat it. XD
My friend that didn't know and bit at it said he almost lost his teeth. Hilarious. Haha