Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bloggers' Xmas Party with Carlsberg 2013

Christmas is coming very soon and before it came around, Carlsberg Malaysia threw a Bloggers' Christmas Party at their Visitors' Lounge.
Being held at a place where the beers are made just a short distance away ensures that I'm spoilt for choice with a seeming endless supply. Everywhere I turn, I see beer, beer, beer and more beer and looks like heaven to me. XD
With the vast amount of choice that came aplenty, I decided to deviate from the usual ones I'm familiar with and decided to try out the ones I've never savored before. The one that caught my eye was Connor's.
A dark stout that actually originates from Malaysia which is inspired by original recipe gathered across Europe. It's alcohol content is 5% and is a 100% genuinely brewed stout, not mixed with lagers and currently is only in keg form which means you can only get it as draft beer.

The other beers were the ones that I've already tried before such as Carlsberg, Asahi, Kronenbourg, Corona, Grimbergen, Erdinger, Skol and even their liquor like Jagermeister and their Apple Cider Somersby. Later on, I heard of Little Creature but didn't try it because I was heading home already. LOL.

The food that they provided for the buffet was surprisingly tasty. I mentioned surprisingly because usually, when I dig in to buffet food which is cooked for a crowd it normally will just taste okay. And so I piled my plate with the spaghetti, pizza, satay and whatever I can obtain to gobble it up. ^.^
I know, it looks like a big pile of mess with the way I put it on my plate but it's satisfying to me. Haha

A liitle chatter and meet and greet with the Carlsberg staff while chomping on my dinner when the sudden appearance of the dancers to the Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" emerged.
A little later on, we were given the opportunity to tour the brewery area. Since I've never been in there, I quickly grabbed the chance.
We were firstly shown the mural of the Elephant Gates and Tower that's a famous landmark in Carlsberg at Copenhagen, Denmark.
The painting on the wall was lifelike and intricate and makes me feel as if I'm standing in front of the real thing.
We then saw a miniature plan of how the Carlsberg Malaysia site looks like with a bird's eye view.
Then finally, we get on with the tour with the Carlsberg staffs explaining to us from the ingredients that is used to make to the history of it to the memorabilia throughout the years and a peek into the actual brewery itself.
After the end of the tour, I decided to call it a night since I'm tired and was starting to doze off sitting on the chair. LOL. But I didn't go home empty handed since they provided with a lovely gift basket that's filled with the variety of beverages from Carlsberg.
Happy with what I received, I head on home to rest and have a pleasant dream. :)


Happy walker said...

wow, so good, i wanna join~~~

Tekkaus said... good. At the end can get so many goodies. :D

Merryn said...

That looks like a nice party :)

choulyin.tan said...

hmmm I also have not tried Connor's before. I should put that in my must-try list the next time I go for events and they have that

jiaaqi95 said...

Wow, Kevin you sure are one alcohol lover

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Mr. Lonely
Aww, next time I'll try to invite you, k?

A basket full of goodies. :D I wish they gave me a bottle of Jagermeister too. :P

A cozy little one, but nonetheless I'm contented.

Rarely seen but I think it's available at Movida.

@Jia Qi
My name got L leh. :( KeLvin. :D
Ya, I love to drink alcohol as it makes me happy but I also drink in moderate quantity.