Saturday, November 16, 2013

Media Preview of the All New Beach Club

Beach Club, KL - the place that is notorious for it's name that's quite known worldwide (for those that know Malaysia).
Now they've relocated to a sprawling new premise just 100 meters down from it's original iconic landmark venue.
In it's new place closer to the Petronas Twin Towers, the all-new Beach Club known as Beach Club Cafe...Mark 1.2 opened it's doors for a media sneak preview on November 6 before it's grand opening that was held on the Friday the 8th.

The place is equipped with a two-tiered signature attap roof bigger and taller than the original.
It has a cool looking bar area:
Where on top of it houses an aquarium that contain sharks. O_o
There were loads of wine on a clear showcase shelf as well:
The night of the sneak preview contain loads of performances starting with the band Decibel:
And followed by many types of different dances, trying to capture the essence of Malaysia being a multi-racial country.
There were the 1960s Shanghai Era choreographed dance by Mei Gui:
Some belly dancing action a few times during the night, once with the Dhol percussion setting the beat:
Ladies dressed in Kebaya and men dressed in Baju Melayu dancing to P.Ramlee's song, Getaran Jiwa and Madu Tiga:
And a Western style dance to the song of Diamonds are a Girls' Best Friend:
Before the dances, the ceremonial launch of the All-New Beach Club Cafe with Judy Choong, Group Executive Director of Beach Club Cafe, her associate director, MH Tan, Kevin Anthony Flynn, Director of Architecture & Design of Beach Club Cafe and Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia was observed by lighting up a flame pit using tiki torches:
“85% of our patrons are tourists and expatriates who often attracted to this “only beach” in the middle of the concrete jungle. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, we expect to record higher traffic and have in store a series of shows and promotions that offer more excitement, more fun and greater vibes,” said Judy Choong during her opening speech:
With the new Beach Club now open, I wonder whether it will be the same infamous name that it will make or will this be a brand new beginning?


Xue Ren said...

omg what a 'unique club' lol!!! imagine the sharks looking at you while u are drinking lol!!! that's scary! =P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's baby shark only lah. Plus most type of sharks don't actually attack human.