Friday, November 29, 2013

de' Amour Cafe, Kota Damansara Food Review

Kota Damansara, a place where the nightmarish traffic springs up and the ever constant road works and MRT construction exists ever since this place came up. But the traffic congestion aren't as bad as it used to be so it's okay. :D

de' Amour Cafe is located near Sunway Giza Mall where shops over there are teeming with eateries.
This place looks almost like a boutique with it's prettiness and dollhouse like interior.
Some great Fresh Flower Tea were served as we await for our party to be complete. The choices of Flower Tea are Jasmine, French Rose Buds, Lavender, Chrysanthemum Buds, Chamomile, Apple Flower, Rosemary, Peach Flower, Globe Amaranth, Calendula where it ranges from RM7-RM8 per pot.
Their tea cup that looks like a small fish bowl is one that I have seen before:
And that was the time when I was invited to dine at Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid.

Anyway, back to this cafe, I'm very glad to find one delight of mine here.
And that is Sapporo Beer!!!
I'm sure to be back again for my Sapporo Beer fix. :D

Once it was time to delve into the delicacies, we were initially served the Appetizers.

To me, the star dishes of this place are the Appetizers.
First up, the best of the best, the Smoked Duck Breast Salad:
Available at RM15, the duck breast in the mixture of vegetables are plentiful. It's meat is succulent and tender almost bacon-like in flavor. The salad dressing that went with this dish I think is the Balsamic Vinaigrette? It tasted like it. Anyway, beside lettuce, there's some onion and a little bit of tomato and cucumbers too. A truly marvelous dish.

The next appetizer is also a joy to be had and it's the Baked Scallops with Spicy Cream Sauce:
It's for RM16. When they mentioned Spicy Cream Sauce, they weren't kidding. It is spicy but at the same time, it is delicious and with the cheese coating the scallops, it didn't overwhelm it's taste and in fact brings out the scallop's flavor and heightens it.

We then move on to entrées starting with the Chicken Parmigiana (RM22):
Pan fried crumbed chicken topped with melted Mozzarella cheese with some fries and salad at the side. Chicken cooked perfectly. Overall okay in taste.

Next was the Porkie Sausage Platter (RM22):
There's a choice of Hungarian Sausage, Thuringer Sausage, Bratwurst and Hot Italian to choose from to make up the two for the platter. Not bad.

Grilled French Lamb Rack with Crushed Pistachio:
The color of the lamb is superb which shows it cooked properly and all the way through. The lamb when consumed has it's taste in there but I wish that it was seasoned more. The sauce didn't do much to help the lamb in it's taste since I find it watery but it does has a unique taste to it.

The Baked Cod Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce (RM38):
The oven baked cod fish taste fine on it's own and don't need much of the lemon butter sauce. Maybe a few splashes of it. It's portion is a little smaller than the portion I had at Decanter but then again, the price of Decanter's Cod Fish is almost double from this!

Grilled Tenderloin Steak (RM38):
Presentation wise looks good. Meat is a little too rare for my taste and I would like it to be seasoned more. Sauce can be either mushroom, black pepper, mint or red wine but I think the meat would be better if it's cooked to medium, seasoned more and just a little bit of sauce on top since having a whole lot of sauce to drench the meat in doesn't really give it much of a flavor in this case.

Finally, we had 2 pasta dishes.
One is the Aglio e Olio with Tiger Prawns (RM23):
This one is very peppery and hard to eat a lot but it do taste good. The fresh tiger prawns are good and I like it. I'm not even a person who likes to eat prawns!

Another pasta dish we had was the Classic Carbonara Spaghetti (RM23):
The Carbonara sauce was okay along with the ingredients in it. The poached egg was a little odd in taste to go with the dish but that's just my thoughts.

We ended the session by trying 3 types of Mille Crepe:
From top left clockwise, Mango Jelly, Tiramisu and Rare Cheese.

I think it's opened daily, 11am - 11pm.
Full address:
13-1, Pju 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Spicy Sharon said...

i like the lamb salad too!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I figure that's the dish everyone likes best. The lamb was heavenly. :D